When Grey Hound Loses Race, Owner Takes Extreme Action. Vile Footage Going Viral : AWM

When Grey Hound Loses Race, Owner Takes Extreme Action. Vile Footage Going Viral

Stories of animal abuse are always tragic, but this one is absolutely devastating. In horrifying cell phone footage, posted to Chinese social media platform, Weibo, a man is seen beating his greyhound to death, screaming throughout the video. According to reports, the man slammed the dog to the ground and repeatedly beat it after he lost money after betting “a fortune” on the dog in a race and losing.

He is even seen saying that he’ll eat the dog, blood dripping from his hands, noting: “listen up dog owners. If your dog is not in a good fit, eat it.”

At one point, he yells: “you made me lose my money!”

Another person on the video explained that the man had spent a lot of money to buy the greyhound and bet a lot on the dog race and the animal lost. Sadly, China doesn’t have laws in place prohibiting animal torture, so even if the man was identified, he wouldn’t face any consequences.

Not surprisingly, people who commented on the Daily Mirror’s Facebook post about the disturbing video were overwhelmingly angry and upset, with one person noting: “I can’t imagine many people will click on this, an absolute vile excuse for a man. I hope he has nothing but misery for the rest of his life.”

Another commenter noted:

“Absolutely heartbreaking. This has me in absolute tears!!! This vile person needs to be shot!!! It’s people like him that give greyhound owners such a bad name!! And why so many people think all racing greys are treated so badly! Luckily most greyhounds have loving owners/trainers and find loving forever homes when their racing days are over!! Both of my greys came from a greyhound adoption trust when they retired, perhaps they should start the same kinds of trusts in China to save these beautiful dogs.”

One commenter believed that the video was at least an important wake-up call to clue in those who are unaware with this type of cruelty exists, writing:

“Thank you for bringing the cruelty involved in Greyhound racing into the mainstream public awareness. Thousands of these gentle dogs lose their lives every year because of this industry and many more suffer a life of social deprivation, kenneled for up to 23 hours a day.”

They also included some helpful information to find out more, noting:

“To find out the harsh consequences of betting on or attending dog racing for the hounds look at CAGED Nationwide or Birmingham Greyhound Protection pages or Google it for yourself.”

Another person couldn’t even read the story, commenting:

“personally couldn’t click to read the details as the simple thought of it was so sickening. The law is simply not severe enough for cruelty to animals and more severe sentencing must be introduced. A life is a life whether human or animal and more protection for animals is called for.”

Another commenter added:

“I can’t bring myself to watch this but I’d like to smash this guy to the ground a few times!! Pure evil!!”