When He Decided To Try Holding A Different Sign On The Side Of The Road, His Life Changed Forever : AWM

When He Decided To Try Holding A Different Sign On The Side Of The Road, His Life Changed Forever

A man who was down on his luck took a chance, holding a sign as he stood beside the road, in hopes that maybe he could find some work to help make ends meet. He never could have imagined how his luck would change in such a huge way, however. The best part was that his attempt to find work with the sign resulted in an opportunity within 20 minutes!

Nathan Campbell is an actor, but he wasn’t finding gigs to pay the bills, so he hoped to find a job to get a bit of cash flow. Unfortunately, he tried for six months, submitting applications, but didn’t have any luck in securing a job, saying that he either got “no response or a negative response.”

Nathan told the Scottish Sun that it was starting to get to him and he felt like he needed to take a more drastic measure, explaining: “The whole sitting in the house and going through the same stuff every day drove me up the walls and I thought I had to do something.”

Nathan wrote “Please give me a job” on a piece of cardboard and stood by the side of the road. A truck stopped and honked, so Nathan went to investigate, as the driver, John Anderson, a contract manager, explained that he wanted to talk to Nathan after seeing the sign. He asked what Nathan’s experience was, which he explained: “I told him I’d done a bit of laboring and he said he admired what I had done and he would give me a job.”

Nathan continued: “That was the Monday morning and by the Friday he called me and said I could have a start the next week.”

John believed that Nathan’s effort to stand there with a sign showed initiative, telling The Sun: “I saw Nathan on my way to site and thought it showed a lot of ingenuity. He had some relevant skills and experience but most of all I was impressed by his willingness to work, so we gave him a chance.”

Nathan was so thankful for John taking a chance on him, noting: “I have just finished my first week and it feels great knowing I’m earning money. I’m looking forward to taking Alix [his girlfriend] out for a meal and doing the things we should be able to do together.”

His girlfriend said that Nathan’s unique job search effort didn’t surprise her, explaining: “He’s very spontaneous. If he gets something in his head he’ll just go with it. He has always been like this — he doesn’t care what other people think.”

Nathan further noted that taking a risk can sometimes work out: “Just making that one small move has made a massive difference. I would definitely say to people to put themselves out there.”

He told BBC News that he believes that taking a new approach to getting your way out of a tough spot can be effective, noting: “If you’re in the same kind of situation, and things aren’t going the way you want them to go, you need try and think outside the box. Think about what is going to get you where you want to be, and make the change.”