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When He Found This Sitting On His Bed, He Had No Idea It Was Going To Change His Life Forever

When a young man woke up on a weekday, he never thought it was going to change his life forever. But when he found a tiny animal curled up on his bed, he knew that he had to act. The little critter was a baby squirrel whose mother brought into the man’s 10th-floor apartment after construction workers destroyed her nest.

She created a makeshift nest in the man’s bed only with another baby squirrel, that did not make it in the end. Instead of screaming and tossing the baby out the window, the man decided to call for help. And after rescue workers found the baby and adopted it, they named it Thumbelina and invited it to join them as part of his family.

Although Thumbelina entered the man’s life on his bed, the baby squirrels life really began when the mother squirrel set up her nest.

The young man called wildlife rescuers Christina and Michael, who hurried over to help reunite the baby with its mother. However, the mother was nowhere to be found, and Thumbelina was left without anyone in the world.

Because Thumbelina did not have any family to speak of, Christina and Michael stepped in to adopt her and welcome her into their family. It was a touching gesture that the baby squirrel would come to appreciate as time passed in the safety of their home.

When Thumbelina was first found, she was so tiny and vulnerable there was a massive chance she would not survive. She was only the size of a nut after all. However, she proved to be resilient and powered through the tough moments, growing into a playful and curious squirrel.

But to get to the happy ending, Christina and Michael necessarily went through a struggle. They had to bottle feed the baby squirrel and keep it warm at all hours of the day. If Thumbelina did not have her rescuers, she would have died.

“Almost all squirrels we take in are rescued and released into the wild,” Christina said. “But Thumbelina was a special case.”

As they bottle fed her day after day, the loving couple got to watch her grow stronger. Before long, she was healthy and lively like only a baby squirrel can be.

Now Thumbelina, who is an eastern gray squirrel, is two years old and unlike any other squirrel in the United States. She doesn’t run, she walks. And instead of climbing, Thumbelina likes to sit and relax. Find me a squirrel that’s not jittery in the wild.

“I don’t know what she thinks she is, but it’s definitely not a squirrel,” her adoptive parents said.

Like her humans, Thumbelina loves eating avocados. She’s certainly a spoiled squirrel. She also loves watching the Wendy Williams Show.

“Thumbelina simply never developed that ‘squirrel spark.’ The thing that makes a baby wild, and ready to go out into the world and be a squirrel. She’s slower, less reactive, and hates the cold weather. She’s unique in every little way.”

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