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When He Realized Nicole Gave Him The Wrong Number, He Contacted 246 Nicoles. This Was The Result

When a man met a woman he really liked, he went home from the bar exuberant. He had not expected to make such a connection while out drinking. But after having such a great time, he got the girl’s name and number. She was named Nicole. And when he went to call her a few days later, the guy from the University of Calgary in Canada quickly realized that she had given him the wrong number.

While this would stop most guys in their tracks, Carlos Zetina was persistent. He liked Nicole so much, he refused to give up on bringing back the missed connection to life. The girl named Nicole told Zetina that she was from Holland. He quickly fell for her and got her number before they went their separate ways from the bar. But when he tried calling it soon after, he realized she had given him the wrong number or a fake number.

Zetina could not stop thinking about Nicole if that was her real name. So he went into the directory at the University of Calgary and decided to see how many Nicole’s were listed. As it turned out, the school had 246 Nicoles enrolled in classes, so he decided to do something rather extraordinary.

Zetina emailed every single Nicole at the school in an attempt to find his Cinderella.

The email went out to all the Nicoles he could find at the school and went like this:

“Hi, this is a mass email to all Nicoles. If you don’t fit this description, then ignore, and if you are the one and just don’t want to talk to me, that’s ok as well. If your name is Nicole, and you’re from Holland, and you think Nietzsche is depressing then text me. I’m Carlos btw I’m the guy who took you and your friend home last night.”

Behind the scenes, one Nicole hatched a plan. She asked if all the others wanted to reply saying they were the one he had met last night.

“At first I was pretty confused and didn’t know what it was,” Nicole Maseja, a University of Calgary employee, told BuzzFeed News. “Pretty soon after that, some Nicoles started replying to each other.”

When the shock wore off, all the Nicoles realized they had a connection.

“Before this, I didn’t really know any Nicoles, but when I met people yesterday, we’re all from different faculties, but we all have similar personalities and we all kind of clicked,” Nicole Manaog, a communications student, told BuzzFeed News. “We joked that we should have a Nicole network within the university.”

The Nicole that Carlos wanted was in Calgary on exchange and didn’t remember her Canadian number correctly. The doesn’t have a school email and never received Carlos’s message. But the Network of Nicoles helped find her.

“The powerful network of Nicoles helped me get in touch,” she said. Now she and Carlos can meet again.

It seems that because Carlos did not quit on love, he helped establish a bunch of female friendship among the Nicoles at the University of Calgary.