When He Said He Was Going To Put His Mother-In-Law In The Garage We All Laughed Until We Saw Inside : AWM

When He Said He Was Going To Put His Mother-In-Law In The Garage We All Laughed Until We Saw Inside

The tiny house trend is getting more and more creative — and this little bungalow might just be the most perfect garage conversion ever. Rather than build a tiny home from scratch, Portland resident Martin Brown found a creative way to accommodate his mother-in-law who wanted to live closer after her grandson was born. The solution was right there in his driveway.

The detached unit was the perfect solution for housing grandma, who could now visit (and babysit) whenever she wanted.

Martin had some planning to do to make the garage a suitable home, including how to keep some of its original elements and whether or not to keep the concrete flooring of the space. The new home, they decided, would not include windows on its sides because it was in such close proximity to Martin’s home and the neighbors, but large glass double doors and skylights would be installed to bring in more light and open up the space.

The living area makes use of the limited space with a convertible sofa that turns into guest sleeping. The sofa, Martin explained, has a “vista view” so that the outside is visible, making the confined quarters not feel so closed in.

In the unique round kitchen, some elements of the original garage are included, such as a concrete countertop that contains pieces from the garage embedded into it. There’s a two-burner stove to save space and storage on the wall with a shelf and dish rack. Beneath the counter, there are more open shelves to store a microwave and other items, and a slim refrigerator is tucked into a corner.

In the ceiling of the kitchen, there’s a porthole to allow light in from the skylight above, but interestingly, since it’s also part of the bedroom floor, you can see from upstairs to down or vice versa.

The home has a bathroom that is only the size of a closet, featuring a pocket door and the necessities — a small pedestal sink and walk-in shower.

Stairs lead to the loft area of the home, where a bed, closet and small sitting area are framed by a wood railing, with the ceiling’s skylight providing plenty of natural light.

It’s not just the interior that’s quaint either, as the outside of the tiny home is painted a welcoming purple and is flanked with planters and tall plants to provide some privacy from the street. A small walkway and bistro set finishes the look of the tiny bungalow.

Martin said of the 480 square feet of living space: “What we decided was that this is a really nice space for one person.” He added, “There are a few elements from the original garage that you can still see around here.”

Many people commented on the video of this adorable small home, noting how some of the space-saving elements, such as the dish draining rack, are great ideas. One person shared: “I live in a studio that used to be a garage but it doesn’t look like this, the front is still a garage… this is like a small house, well done!”