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When He Saw The Security Footage Exposing Who Was Stealing His Packages He Couldn’t Believe His Eyes

Porch pirates are most active during the holiday season. That’s when companies like Walmart and Amazon are shipping tons of packages all across the United States, keeping the USPS, UPS, and FedEx delivery workers on their toes. But Palm Coast, Florida resident Bob Hamlin was getting his packages stolen at all different times of the year. Because the things he bought online hardly ever made it to him – someone stole it before he could get it – he decided to dig a bit deeper.

Because he bought the item from Amazon, he called them first to check on it. Amazon told him the package was delivered a week ago at 3:17 pm. Hamlin could not believe he had missed it. Where was it? Who took it?

Fortunately, Hamlin’s home was wired with security devices. He has alarms and cameras ready to capture anyone who might try to violate his security. So after Amazon told him the package was delivered, and Hamlin determined it must have been stolen, he went into his security office and started to rewind the footage. Then he found the time and day when the package went missing.

Hamlin watched as the USPS mailman brought the package to his door. The timestamp on the footage was exactly 3:17 pm, just as Amazon had documented. Hamlin kept his eyes glued to the screen. He was not going to miss the chance to identify the porch pirate.

As he continued to peruse the footage, nothing happened. Only after 90 minutes did something move. And the culprit was not the one he expected.

He watched in utter disbelief as the neighbor’s dog, the four-legged thief crept onto Hamlin’s porch and then snatched the package away from it. Hamlin could not believe how good a thief that the neighbor’s dog Rover was. It was almost as if the neighbor had trained the canine to take his stuff.

The dog used its jaws and front paws in conjunction to push and drag Hamlin’s valuable package off his porch and into the neighbor’s yard. It was stolen a week ago, and Hamlin had not heard anything about it from his neighbor. Had the person taken it for himself or herself?

“I reviewed the security camera footage and caught the thief ‘red-pawed,’ running off with the package a few hours after delivery,” said Hamlin.

Hamlin knew he had to confront the neighbor. He waited at the front of their property. When the neighbor pulled up, Hamlin stared him down and told him the situation. That’s when the neighbor finally went into the backyard.

Hamlin led the neighbor to a collection of boxes and packages. Rover had been stealing the stuff from the entire neighborhood.

The main victim was Hamlin himself. He hadn’t even realized that many packages had been taken. But now that he knew where they were, he was overjoyed. They were still unopened – although rather dirty from Rover’s attempt to cover them with dirt – but still in good enough condition for Hamlin to keep them.

Will the porch pirate pooch strike again? What do you think?

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