When He Saw What Was Swimming In The Water, He Had To Reach Out And Grab It : AWM

When He Saw What Was Swimming In The Water, He Had To Reach Out And Grab It

Most people who encounter frightening creatures in the wild try to stay away from them, and for good reason. It doesn’t make sense to risk your life solely to prove how brave you are, yet thousands of people die for unnecessary reasons every single year. For those people, the real treasure is the adrenaline rush that accompanies the risk, and the closer to death, the better the rush.

Three Brazilian adventurers recently filmed themselves doing something that was not only incredibly risky, it was actually illegal. Now they are facing fines for their stupid actions which you can see in the stunning video below.

Betinho Borges, Sirlei Oliveira and Rodrigo Santos were having a nice day boating down the local Santa Maria river in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil when suddenly they saw a massive beast in the river.

They could have kept going, or tried to avoid it in some way but they inexplicably decided to do the exact opposite and confronted the 17-foot anaconda head on. One of them filmed as the other drove the boat in a frantic chase in a quest to prod the snake with a wooden oar.

The poor snake was just trying to enjoy it’s day, maybe cruise down the river for a while when these lunatics decided to harass it and film the moment for all to see. One of the group soon grabbed the snake on it’s end and torment it even further for their sick amusement. They pull the poor animal across the water as it writhes around, trying to get free.

They posted the footage on Youtube, proudly sharing it with their family and friends to try and prove how brave they are but soon their pride would turn swiftly into a fall.

The Environmental Military Garden police discovered the footage as it spread like wildfire across various social media channels. It only took a moment to discover exactly who was responsible and soon they were knocking on the door.

Each of the boaters were fined around $600 USD for their role in torturing this poor animal. We can only thank them for posting their escapades online because without them, it would just be a story for them to tell and for their friends to not believe.

Despite what you see here, anacondas are not something to mess around with. They are the heaviest snake in the world, the top of the food chain in jungles like this one in Brazil and other parts of South America. This footage is stunning because it is just absolutely idiotic to mess around with such a large and dangerous creature.

Anacondas are quiet, independent animals however, and don’t go out of their way to attack humans. You can even see in the footage that the snake is just trying to escape, not attack.

“Scientists have difficulty learning about them in the wild because anacondas are very good at hiding and leave no trail when they move,” says wildrepublic.com.

How would you react if confronted by such a massive and terrifying beast?