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When He Told Me Why Everyone Was Laying Down In Church, I Couldn’t Hold Back The Tears

Christianity is founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ. And some of the most influential lessons articulated in the New Testament had to do with the revolutionary way Jesus helped the poor and destitute. He never turned away from the ugliness of poverty, instead offering help whenever possible, no matter how harshly society judged them. In the modern world, Christian values are needed more than ever; so leave it to a church in San Francisco to lead the charge.

To live comfortably in San Francisco, California, residents must earn about $125,000 per year. It’s not easy to make that much money, and that’s one of the reasons San Francisco has a very high population of homeless people. While you might not encounter these people on a visit to San Francisco on vacation, once you step away from the manicured tourist areas, you’re bound to run into people begging for money and sleeping in the gutter.

The City of San Francisco reports that about 7,500 people are homeless within the city limits. That’s a lot of folks looking for a safe place to rest their heads at night. Even though San Francisco is the thirteenth most populated city in the country, it boasts the 7th highest levels of homelessness.

Because there are so many people in need of shelter in the city, the Gubbio Project has come to the rescue. This Catholic charity offers “sanctuary and sacred sleep” to people desperate for just that. Because homeless people struggle to find a place to rest their heads at night, the Gubbio project hosts about 225 people every night, giving them a safe place to sleep in two locations across the city. These locations include St. Boniface Church in the city’s dangerous Tenderloin District and St. John’s the Evangelist in the Mission District, which is known for his massive population of homeless.

Both churches are ADA accessible, which means homeless veterans injured in combat can also access the Christian charity. The project does not operate as a traditional homeless shelter would. Instead, it is committed to treating everyone with respect and honor.

Not only do guests receive a place to sleep, but they also get care that they need. This includes blankets, socks, hygiene kits, foot care from a registered nurse, massage services, and chaplaincy services.

According to the charity’s website, “The Gubbio Project uses the back 2/3 of the sanctuary; the church uses the front 1/3 to celebrate the daily mass at 12:15 PM. This sends a powerful message to our unhoused neighbors – they are in essence part of the community, not to be kicked out when those with homes come in to worship. It also sends a message to those attending mass – the community includes the tired, the poor, those with mental health issues and those who are wet, cold and dirty.”

A charity like the Gubbio Project, which helps the homeless in San Francisco, shines like a beacon of hope for people who have nothing.

What do you think about this generous way to provide shelter to those in need?

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