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When His Mom Donated Her Body To Science, I Don’t Think She Expected To Be Blown To Bits

When 73-year-old Doris Stauffer died, her family grieved her loss. She has suffered for years in a battle with Alzheimer’s disease and eventually passed away while in hospice care. Although doctors said she did not carry the Alzheimer’s gene, she contracted the disease and perished from it. In an effort to help scientists learn more about the disease that took his mother’s life, her son Jim donated her remains to science – only to learn that the Arizona center for Alzheimer’s research would turn around and sell her body to the United States Military for $6,000 so they could strap her body into a chair for a “blast test.”

Stauffer’s son is outraged that the scientists sold her body to make a quick buck from the United States Military. That had told him five years ago when she had died, that they wanted to study her brain after death to see why she had developed Alzheimer’s since she didn’t carry the gene.

Because her son agreed that it would help people if scientists could study his late mother’s brain, he made an agreement with the Biological Resource Center (MRC) in Maricopa County. He signed paperwork to donate Stauffer’s brain to Alzheimer’s research.

A few days later, he received a wooden box containing what was said to be his mother’s ashes. There was an ID number. But later it was revealed that the ashes were only for her hand. The rest of her remains were sold to the United States military so they could strap her in a car and blow her up in a “blast test.” They were “studying” what happens to human bodies hit by an IED.

Because Stauffer’s son wanted to help scientists, he is outraged that his mother’s body was turned around for a quick buck to best blown up in “blast testing.’

BRC, led by Stephen Gore, agreed to send Stauffer’s brain to a neurological research group. Her body was conveniently left off the agreement.

“I feel foolish,” Jim told FOX6. “Because I’m not a trusting person, but in this situation, you have no idea this is going on. You trust. I think that trust is what they fed on.”

Jim remembered how BRC came to pick up Stauffer’s remains 45 minutes after she died. The agreement Jim signed detailed what “would and would not” happen to his beloved mother’s remains.

Jim would only learn the truth about what happened to his mother three years later. A reporter from Reuters sent Jim documents that showed how BRC profited off his mother’s cadaver by selling it to the government. They didn’t even remove her brain. That got blown up in the taxpayer-funded “blast testing” project for the United States Army.

Doris’s body was strapped to a chair on “some sort of apparatus,” and then a bomb was detonated below her. The Army wanted to “get an idea of what the human body goes through when a vehicle is hit by an IED.”

BRC and the military colluded on using at least 20 other bodies that were never approved to be bombed.

Now Jim and 33 other plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit against BRC and its owner Stephen Gore, who’s called the modern-day Dr. Frankenstein because he likes to experiment with dead bodies.

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