When I Found Out What This Little Boy Did To His Younger Brothers, My Jaw Hit The Floor : AWM

When I Found Out What This Little Boy Did To His Younger Brothers, My Jaw Hit The Floor

If you grew up with siblings, you know that it can be difficult at times. However, a four-year-old boy was the littlest hero when he saved his newborn baby brothers’ lives. How could a child so young accomplish such a huge feat? It boils down to a whole lot of bravery for one little boy who wanted to help in such a huge way.

When Robin Pownall welcomed her twins, they were born prematurely at 33 weeks and the family soon discovered that both boys suffered from a rare condition called Chronic Granulomatous Disease.

The twins’ immune systems were so compromised that even a small illness could kill them. Bone marrow from a healthy individual is the best cure, so the boys needed to get on a donor list. First, family was tested to see if there was a match, but neither Robin nor her husband were matches. The twins’ older brother, Michael, however, was a match.

Naturally, his parents were uneasy about asking Michael to be a donor since he’s only four, but Robin said they “were straight up” in telling him what he could expect. Robin explained that they told him, “It’s going to be a big needle going into your back, bud,” adding, “We asked him, ‘Do you want to do this? If you’re scared, you don’t have to.’”

She continued: “Part of me was like, ‘Well, he’s 4. Maybe he doesn’t know what’s going on.’ But he did, and he was all for it.”

Michael was, in fact, very glad to help out with his baby brothers’ health, as Robin noted: “We were in no way, shape or form going to push anything. He was all for it and we had a good feeling about it. It’s amazing — he’s so proud. Such a brave little guy.”

What an amazing big brother! Their aunt gave an update on a GoFundMe page after the procedure, saying: “He is perfectly well, playing and all like nothing happened. Giovanni received the bone marrow cells around 2:30 pm & then Sonny received the bone marrow cells around 5:30 pm.”

She added: “Both babies are doing well and sleeping. Now is time for their bodies to heal, with the new bone marrow cells to build up a healthy immune system.”

Michael’s selfless act literally saved Giovanni and Santino, who now have no trace of the disease.

Those who left comments on social media were thoroughly impressed with Michael stepping up in such a big way, with remarks like: “Now this is the kind of news that I like to get and hear about,” “Such a great big brother!,” and “God bless that precious little boy for being brave enough to help his baby brother!”

Another commenter added: “What a great hearted little boy! He will love his siblings forever, especially since he basically started the relationship by giving his brothers such a gift.”

Still others marveled at how a four year old could have such a huge impact, with one commenter writing: “What an awesome, heartwarming story. May God bless and keep all of these little boys healthy. Such an awesome gift of life this 4 year old has given!”

Another person pointed to Michael as an amazing example, noting: “If a four year old has the courage to do this, everyone should. Be brave… Be a donor. YOU have it in you.”