When I Saw Him Grab The Head Of The Girl Sitting In Front Of Him, I Knew I Had To Get A Photo : AWM

When I Saw Him Grab The Head Of The Girl Sitting In Front Of Him, I Knew I Had To Get A Photo

Being on a long flight is a stressful experience. You’re surrounded by strangers and people have different levels of comfort with who they want touching them. However, almost everyone likes to feel the support of their parents, and that’s what one person captured on a recent flight. Someone on board the plane snapped a photo of the sweet moment and posted it on Twitter, where most people applauded the father for “turning parenting up to 11” when he cradled his daughter’s head from the seat behind her so she could sleep.

Twitter user Satar_Gaza posted the image, which showed a man using his hand as a pillow in an economy cabin so his daughter could rest. He captioned it: “This father keeps putting his hand under his daughter’s head during the trip for more than 40 minutes. No one will love you like your parents.”

If that’s not parental love, we don’t know what is.

He further explained: “Just to make things clear, this father is Egyptian and the trip was from Sharm Elshaikh to Cairo and usually in these trips they don’t give pillow to passengers because it’s not that exhausting.”

The tweet got over 12,000 likes and retweets and the image landed on Imgur and Reddit as well.

Among the people who commented on it were many who know this gesture well, as one person noted: “I get it. Have done similar for my 80-year-old mother in law when she couldn’t stay upright in the seat in front. Worth the numb arm.”

Others discussed the sometimes extreme things they’ve done for their children, with one person commenting: “You don’t know the limits of yourself until you have kids. The shit you’ll do for them is beyond what you ever thought you were capable of” and “It’s called being a dad. Would do this for any of the ladies in my life.”

Others, however, didn’t find it to be that big of a deal, as one person noted: “Why is parenting such a surprise to people on the internet? A father doing something for his child isn’t out of the ordinary.”

Another commenter agreed, sharing: “So when they say you’re going to have to sacrifice everything including your limbs for parenthood, they weren’t kidding.”

Not everyone was won over by the sweet gesture, surprisingly, with one person noting: “Very sweet if she was a baby or a young child, but she’s nearly a teenager. Use a jumper or something?! She is probably a real spoiled child and I bet doesn’t give any respect if her father babies and panders her like this. Sorry, I find this weird!! You can love in many ways, not pander to their every need.”

Another person agreed, noting: “And they wonder why the current generation have high expectations and a grand sense of entitlement! I have three girls 22, 16 and 13 and they know not to expect this… they would simply use their bag or jumper!”

One commenter summed it up quite perfectly, however, writing: “Have you ever travelled with a whiny teenage girl that didn’t get enough sleep? That’s why he’s doing it.”

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