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When I Saw The Answers On My Daughter’s Homework, I Knew I Couldn’t Let Her Turn It In

It’s not always easy to get kids to sit down and do what you want them to. Today, I took my daughter, who is a toddler, to a baby movement class. During the class, she was supposed to stand on a square and shake maracas. You would think this would be easy to get a child to do, but she would either sit on the square and shake or stand and try to give the maracas to me.

When parents watch their children doing their homework, they feel a sense of pride over it. Because the child is trying their best to do well in school, parents cannot help but feel pride in their little ones. Getting good grades in school is a challenge for most students. That’s why participation is so important. When children sit down and try their best with the homework, parents rejoice and celebrate the effort.

Learning involves mistakes. Children make a lot of mistakes with their letters and numbers and other stuff when they take on new information and learn. Perhaps they write the “R” backward or mistake “3” with “E.” But when teachers and parents took a hard look at the homework assignments included below, they could not help but laugh out loud because these “rated R” answers were just too hilarious.

One student named Alexis was learning about the word “preen.” On the worksheet, it provided a definition which stated: “to dress up and admired oneself.” The student, Alexis, was asked to draw a picture of the word. She showed a woman in a dress in front of an oval mirror. Then she was asked to write an answer to “This word does not mean…” Alexis wrote, “To get your B.J. and go to sleep.” The meaning can really change when they switch the direction of the letter “P” in PJs.

Another student was asked to unscramble the letters in a sentence. The sentence was “is pen in goat My a.” The test writer wanted the student to change the sentence to be “My goat is in a pen.” However, the clever student had another idea when he switched it to “My penis is in a goat.” You can bet the teacher roared with laughter after hearing that.

A little girl wrote a story about her favorite animal. But she didn’t know how to spell the word “Horse.” Instead, she wrote the story swapping the “E” with the “S.” She wrote: “I like hores. Hores have other hoes friends. Horse like carrots. You wouldn’t think they could, but they can put their legs straight up. Hores make you feel good. My dad wants a horses, but my mom says no. When I am 16 or 20, I will buy my own hores.”

Getting something wrong is part of learning. But it must be hilarious for the teacher who had to grade this paper about the letter “T.”

This student was not entirely wrong about what they wrote. They knew it was “pan.” They knew the animal was a “dog.” And when they saw a child sitting on a box that looked like a potty, they knew what that was too.

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