When I Saw This Baby Laying In The Pool I Started To Dial 911. Her Next Move Shocked Me : AWM

When I Saw This Baby Laying In The Pool I Started To Dial 911. Her Next Move Shocked Me

Babies and pools are rarely a good combination. A fence or protective device is crucial for anyone who has a pool in the backyard and a young child at home. Another way to deal with the danger is to introduce your child to the water at a young age, so they will be comfortable swimming even if they fall in by accident.

Grace Fanelli went with the second method with all of her children. None of them took to the water quite like her daughter Kassia though! She is just over a year old, but she can do some pretty amazing things in the pool!

Not only can Kassia swim, she can perform several different strokes! She knows how to back-stroke, tread water, execute a perfect front crawl, and breathe when needed like a pro. This tiny baby is able to do all of this without any help from her parents.

Parenting.com covered this topic with an interview with Dr. William Sears. He claims that swimming is, “one of the healthiest forms of exercise.” But he cautions that babies need to be introduced to the water in a more comfortable setting, like a warm bath, before entering the pool itself.

“Once your baby is comfortable with the water in the shower and tub, it’s time to graduate to the pool,” he wrote. “You can usually enter this stage between one and two months of age. Early exposure lessens the fear of water.”

Grace clearly knew this right off the bat, and now her daughter Kassia is going to be much safer as a result.

“Drowning is the number one cause of injury-related death in infants and children under the age of five,” she told ViralHog in a recent interview. “They can start learning how to swim as young as six months of age. Please teach your kids how to swim so they can save themselves until help arrives.”

Parenting.com had several other precautions to keep in mind prior to introducing your baby or young child to the pool. These included making sure that the pool isn’t too cold, does not have too many chemicals in it, preventing “accidents” in the pool, and discouraging water swallowing if possible.

A fence can be a solid deterrent for any child that wants to jump in the pool alone. But that doesn’t help you if your kid ends up at someone else’s house without the proper protections.  Parents can prevent the danger completely by training a baby to be comfortable treading water and swimming.

As Kassia so expertly demonstrates, it’s very possible for a baby to be a proficient swimmer by their first birthday. This video went viral and will likely encourage many more parents to train their own babies on how to properly swim and survive in the pool.

“For those of you who have asked, my youngest daughter was 12 months old at the time of this video and my oldest was only three years old,” Grace continued. “They both learned to swim starting at nine months old from our swim instructor, who specializes in infant and child survival swim.”

What do you think about training babies to swim in the early months of their young lives? Share your thoughts in the comments!