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When I Saw This Headstone At The Funeral, I Had To Stop Myself From Laughing

As you scroll through the images in this story, you’re going to see some unique ways that people took their humor to the grave. Not only are these headstones absolutely hilarious, but they’re also creative ways for the deceased to live on and share a positive memory with the world at large – and even to address would-be visitors who would want to show up to visit the gravesite.

The photos of these hilarious headstones were collected and shared on a list first appearing in a picture gallery by Go Social.

Some of the engravings are simply fun. After a couple was laid to rest nearly a decade and a half decades apart, they made sure that visitors to their gravesite knew why they were unable to get to their feet and greet them. “Pardon me for not getting up,” the engraving reads. With a sense of humor like that it is no wonder Bernice almost lived to reach her one-hundred birthday.

Another person named Kay was buried with her famous dessert recipe engraved on the stone. While some people vow to keep such recipes in the family, Kay wanted her fudge recipe to be shared far and wide because it was just too darn good not to be set free like a caged bird.

The recipe is simple and requires 2 sq. chocolate, 2 tbsp. butter melted on low heat. Then you pour in a cup of milk. Bring that mixture to a boil, and add three cups of sugar, a tablespoon of vanilla extract as well as a pinch of salt. At this stage, it is important to cook until it becomes a softball. Then pour it onto a marble slab where you let the fudge cool as you beat it into submission. After it’s cooled and hardened, it’s time to eat the delectable dessert item.

Another person by the name of Paul left a rather depressing message on their headstone that was designed in the shape of a smiley face. The message reads, “Life sucks, then you die…” And while it may be true, it’s not something that is going to bring much hope and joy to those visiting Paul’s grave.

Lola Holt, who lived and loved from 1923 to 2004, had a message that was rather stark. “Oh well what ever.” If you can’t get a sense of Lola’s sense of humor from a headstone engraving like that, then you will never know her.

Another person put a single word on their headstone, which got everyone laughing at the truth behind it. That single word? It was just “fail,” which, in a way, is what all of us do when we pass away once and for all.

The following quotation from a headstone explains how the person died, which is apparently a true story. It reads: “Lost life by stab in falling on ink eraser, evading six young women trying to give him birthday kisses in office Metropolitan Life building.”

Now that’s a way to die.

What do you think about these humorous engravings?

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