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When I Tried To Join This New Dating Service, They Told Me I Needed Plastic Surgery First

Navigating the dating game to find your soul mate can be tough and stressful, especially when it seems difficult to find a compatible match. Dating apps and websites have burst onto the scene to help people with finding possible candidates, but even those don’t always yield great results. One dating service, however, just made things even more challenging with a ridiculously high standard for their members.

The dating website BeautifulPeople.com will only accept members based on their looks. Never fear, however, if you’re not beautiful enough to meet their requirements they’ll offer up plastic surgery advice.

The site claims that nine million singles have been rejected because of their appearance so, for $45, potential members can get feedback from a plastic surgeon about their flaws and ways to improve their looks.

BeautifulPeople.com’s founder, Greg Hodge, said he came up with the idea when he was rejected by members, explaining: “After eight years of being off the site, I wanted to get back on the factory floor and experience my app as a customer. When I couldn’t get voted back on, it was a blow. It was a bit of a sting to be kept outside the velvet ropes, but in all fairness, I had let myself go.”

He added, “It wasn’t good enough to just be told your application wasn’t successful. Like any break-up, you must know why.”

So, he went in search of answers, sending his photo to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to get some input about his flaws. The surgeon recommended that Hodge have Botox and a procedure called Treat Sculptra that replaces volume in the temples, as well as a laser genesis treatment to “create a more youthful look.”

Of the feedback he received, Hodge noted: “Constructive criticism can be a bitter pill to swallow but it did me the world of good, it got me voted back onto my site. It gave me the idea to give the same ‘ugly truth’ to failed applicants.”

Those interested in applying to the dating service can only be granted access if the existing members vote and find them “beautiful” enough.

Of course, if a would-be member follows Dr. 90210 plastic surgeon Dr. Li’s advice, there are still no guarantees that they’ll be accepted to the site.

One wannabe member, Natasha Johnson, explained why getting advice ahead of submitting her application was important, noting: “I wanted to become a member to build my social and professional network but I was nervous about the possibility of being rejected and I didn’t feel like I was looking my best.”

She added: “I’d previously had breast augmentation but was unhappy with the results and suffered complications. Being able to get detailed feedback from an amazing plastic surgeon was helpful and reassuring.”

Dr. Li further noted: “My objective and professional evaluation allows the applicant the option of safe and realistic physical improvements. The most common non-surgical cosmetic procedures are Botox/neurotoxin and Juvederm/facial fillers. These relatively non-invasive procedures can improve facial appearance and make a person appear more open and receptive to a new relationship.”