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When I Walked In On Grandma In The Bedroom, I Had To Record What She Was Doing

There’s nothing like a fresh set of sheets on your bed. And when it is winter, there’s nothing better than putting them onto your bed right after popping them out of the dryer. But if you’re not taking them out of the dryer and putting them onto your mattress, you need to store them away. And if you’re the one who does laundry in your household, you understand how frustrating and impossible it is to fold the fitted sheet.

One grandma has a fool-proof method for folding sheets. And she decided to set up the camera and share her technique on YouTube for all of us to watch. But her video quickly went viral and not for the reason she thought.

While her method does work, it requires a lot of skill. And as you watch her fold the fitted sheet, grandma gets a lot of laughs from the millions of viewers at home because her method is absolutely hysterical.

Grandma considers her “easy peasy” method to be a one-size-fits-all type of thing. Her name is Terri, and you’ll watch her at the start of the video with a fitted sheet in her hand. She describes how much she hates folding the fitted sheets but has to do it because it’s just one of those things that need to get done.

After she finished her intro, grandma Terri then places the sheet onto the floor to begin her take on folding it. And she doesn’t just use her hands to get the job done. She needs all four limbs to make this trick work.

Terri steps into the corner of the fitted bedsheet and then puts her other foot in the other side. She then takes a seat and reaches back to grab the other two corners with her hands. Now she has all four corners in her possession.

Next Terri lies on her back. Then she rolls her body around to fold it all up. Then she says to take the left side of your body and roll it over to the right side very slowly. Then she says to take the left corner and tuck it up into the right corner.

Then she has to exit the folded fitted sheet slowly. It’s not easy to do and requires a certain height. But she gets the job done and makes people laugh while doing it. That’s a skill we can all appreciate.

Hundreds of thousands of people tuned in to watch her share her lifehack on YouTube and even more on Facebook. YouTube viewers shared the following comments about the clip and trick.

“I laughed so much watching this! You’re hilarious. You’ve even got your gym clothes on. Genius.”

“You’re amazing!! Love this so much, and you are just so lovely. Had to subscribe.”

While most viewers appreciated the tip, one didn’t like it one bit.

“Still looks like a wadded up mess after all that.  And now that it’s been in contact with the carpet, dirty feet and who knows what else it’ll need to be washed again.  There’s an easier and quicker way to NEATLY fold a fitted sheet.”

What’s your take on this lifehack?