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When Mom Lost Her $10,000 Wedding Rings, A 6-Year-Old Decided To Do The Right Thing

For years, Caitlin Adkins had a plan. She wanted to pass her gorgeous wedding and engagement ring set down to her kids. Not only did the set cost her husband at least $10,000, but they were also sentimental as they were the symbol of the start of a new family and a new beginning for Caitlin. However, when Caitlin took her rings off for a moment at a Dublin, Ohio Ballantrae Community Park, she’d find out later that her dreams of passing down the family heirloom came to a stop when she lost them.

“The fact that he was able to get his money together and get these rings, there’s a sentimental value to them, and I wanted to pass them down to my kids one day,” Caitlin Adkins said about her husband’s struggle to pay for them.

Caitlin had just taken her rings off for a minute to put some sunscreen onto her body.

“I took them off and put them in my pocket because I didn’t want to get sunscreen on them, that was my worry,” she said.

But being a forgetful person, she forgot to grab her rings back up and slip them back onto her finger. She didn’t realize her error until it was much too late – when she had already returned home and left them behind.

Caitlin started to panic. She asked her husband to rush back to the public park and search everywhere. However, when her husband got there, the place was all locked up, and he was utterly powerless to do a complete search. She’d have to wait till morning to search for her wedding and engagement rings.

“I was hysterical,” she said, “My daughter said, ‘Mommy what’s wrong? what’s wrong?’ And I was just like, ‘Mommy can’t find her rings.’ I was trying not to worry her.”

But Caitlin was not going to wait that long. She immediately called 911 to speak to her local police department. She cried and sobbed on the phone and described the rings she had accidentally left behind, in the hopes that someone might come to the police with them and add them to the lost and found.

But she had done everything she could do. There was nothing else left for her to try. So all she did was go to bed, crying and sobbing.

When the next day came, the police called with a startling update. Someone had brought the rings to the station in an incredible act of Good Samaritanism.

“He called me right away and said somebody turned in rings that day. I was sitting in bed sobbing with the kids and when he said that, I was so happy. But I had to know who that person was because I was in disbelief somebody would do that,” she said.

The Good Samaritan was Tiny Dutton, a beautiful six-year-old girl. She was with her mom’s friend John at the park that day when she found it.

“I found Caitlin’s rings in the bathroom,” Tiny says, “I said these are some magic princess’.”

John stepped up and helped her be a hero.

“I told her we have to do the right thing. They’re not ours and what you do when people aren’t watching is the integrity and character your mom talks about,” John said.

Caitlin was overjoyed to know there are good people in the world like Tiny and John.

She said, “Just to be such a young 6-year-old girl to do something so right and to make people so happy, I think forever she’s going to carry that with her for the rest of her life.”

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