When My Friend Showed Up With A Tattoo Of This On Her Arm, I Started To Get Worried For My Safety : AWM

When My Friend Showed Up With A Tattoo Of This On Her Arm, I Started To Get Worried For My Safety

Tattoos last forever. If you get a friend or significant other’s face tattooed on your body, you should make sure your relationship is going to stand the test of time. If things go wrong, it’s a costly and time consuming (and painful!) process to get it removed. There is an alternative to getting your loved one’s likeness tattooed on your body, however: a custom-made temporary tattoo.

It’s a win-win situation since you don’t have to commit to the permanence of a traditional tattoo, while still celebrating the one you love in a totally unique way.

Etsy seller Lilimandrill creates the custom temporary tattoos, creating a sketch from a photo that you provide. You’ll get 25 of the custom tattoos for $80 ($70 for 10 tattoos), which is a bit spendy, but you’ve got the option of applying your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend’s face over and over again, rather than a one-time deal.

This is also a fun idea for couples who want to get each other’s faces put on their body and could be a great personalized wedding favor as well, with the happy couple’s mugs in temporary tattoo form. The Etsy seller also recommends the tattoos for fun bachelorette party gifts of bar mitzvah celebrations and notes that these last two or three days.

The Etsy seller also explained the process of submitting a photo: they will make a sketch from the image you provide and then you must approve it before it becomes the tattoo. If you aren’t happy, they’ll make changes to the drawing and have you sign off on it.

There were plenty of happy customers on the Etsy page, explaining that the process was easy, the communication was very good, and the product looked great. One person wrote: “They arrived in time and are so amazing. My entire graduation party wore them and we had a blast! Thank you for adding your artwork to my special day.”

Another person commented: “I received my custom portrait tattoos and I just love them! They look great and I am excited to use them. The whole process was smooth and quick. Lise was so easy to work with and has excellent communication skills. He made sure the product looked exactly like I wanted before he mailed them. I would not hesitate to recommend him!”

The Etsy seller also uses the same process (you provide a photo, they draw it) to create a stamp option, which is great for wedding invitations or holiday cards and gets more usage than the assortment of temporary tattoos.

Among the people who left comments on the stamp quality were many very satisfied customers, including this person, who explained: “I couldn’t be happier with my stamp! Its worked perfect for my save the date cards! It looks so much like us and we have already had so many compliments from friends for its quality! I highly recommend Lise, she kept me updated through the whole process and even after I requested some changes the new preview was sent to approve on the same day! Thank you!”