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When Nobody Wanted To Adopt This Stray Cat, This Vet Made A Quick Decision

Animal shelters can be depressing places. Each animal in there is without a home. That means they’re all looking for someone to love. Because animals like dogs and cats are bursting with the ability to love, it is sad that they have gotten to the point in their life that they wound up in the animal shelter. Some animals are adopted quickly. Others take a long time to find a forever home. And some need to be euthanized because of limited shelter space.

A senior tabby cat at Voorhes Animal Orphanage in New Jersey was facing the end of the line. No one seemed to want to adopt him, and he needed some help. Good thing a vet opened his heart to help this senior cat find a forever home in which to “retire.”

One vet took particular interest in the older cat, whose name was Barnaby. Because he was reaching the end of his life, the Orphanage wanted him to find a lovable home where he could spend the rest of his days. They turned to social media to advertise his awesome “cat-aracteristics.”

The vet and his wife fell in love with Barnaby at first sight. They were scrolling through social media and saw his wise and kind soul poking through to them. Dr. Sheehan owns the Sheehan Vet Centre in Camden, New Jersey. So he along with his team and his wife decided to adopt Barnaby. Together they would show the cat love until he was ready to pass.

“This super affectionate fellow shouldn’t be spending his golden years in the shelter,” the shelter said.

And Sheehan’s wife, Clare shared her love for the cat.

“When we saw his picture, etc. on Facebook we felt that he really needed lots of vet care just on his age and appearance,” Clare said.

The senior cat has become part of the vet center’s crew. And he even has his own staff bio on the company website. His job? “Office mascot/internet star.”

And Barnaby certainly has become a star since his first appearance on social media. He may be in his twilight years, but he has a charisma that is magnetic.

Since his adoption, he has livened up the office space. And everyone loves him so much.

Although Barnaby got his “happily ever after” ending, not every senior cat is so lucky. Fortunately for him, Sheehan saw his soul and wanted to take him in.

People often get excited about adopting a kitten. But elderly cats make amazing companions. They’re already mature and like to relax. And while they won’t be as playful as a ball-of-energy kitten, they love lazing about with their owners and having a snuggly time.

Barnaby is fifteen, but he is loved like a newborn.

“When mopping the floors he followed behind to make sure no spot was missed, and at the end of the night, he sits on my lap to make sure I do the books correctly,” Rachel, a vet tech of Sheehan Veterinary Centre, said.

What do you think about Barnaby’s fairytale story?