When Officials Found Out How These Children Were Being Treated, Their Caretakers Went To Prison : AWM

When Officials Found Out How These Children Were Being Treated, Their Caretakers Went To Prison

A child abuse case that could have had a tragic outcome instead had a happy ending for the children involved. In 2016, a neighbor heard 3 and 4-year-old Josiah and Naomi crying and called the police. It’s a good thing that neighbor alerted the authories because when they arrived to the home, they found the children wearing dog collars, chained up.

The conditions were shocking, as the children had their own fecal matter on their hands and feet as well. The children were taken to a doctor, who confirmed that the children had been beaten “well over 100 times.”

Deandre Dorch and Porucha Phillips were watching the children, they said, as a favor to their birth mother, Cheryl Reed. Dorch and Phillips are currently serving sentences for the child abuse — Dorch has been sentenced to 65 years in prison, while Phillips was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Reed awaits trial after being charged with two counts of injury to a child, serious bodily injury.

The children, as well as their 18-month-old brother, were put into the foster care system and eventually adopted by Allen and Lakenya Shaw.

Lakenya said of the children since their time in the foster care system: “They are not the same kids when they first came into the system, but I think it’s owed to the people that have prayed to see these beautiful kids. Ain’t they beautiful?”

The children’s first foster parents, Danny and Theresa Nealy, said that the children were timid and afraid at first, but have thrived with their forever family. Danny Nealy remarked: “They are living the best life they ever lived, and I’m just glad they are able to be here and enjoy a moment like this.”

Carl Alexander, a Bexar County Prosecutor, is thankful that the children have such a loving home life now, as he said, “It’s nice to see that some of the hard stories we deal with actually have a happy ending, which is really rare in our business. It’s nice to see them so happy and so healed.”

The children were officially adopted on Allen’s birthday and he is beyond thankful for having them in his life, saying: “(Adoption is) amazing. I just really am honored to be able to do this for these children, to give them a safe place that they know they can lay their heads down and not worry about having the problems that they had before.”

The judge remarked of their adoption: “I can’t tell you how excited and full of happiness I am for this family and to see these children, where they are today.”

Among the many happy comments shared on this story on social media was one commenter who knows the children’s forever family. She wrote: “These babies have gone to the most amazing family. I know them personally and they are loved and blessed. God knew exactly where to place them!! Their mommy and daddy love them very much. God’s plan is always GREATER!!!!”

Others were just thrilled that these kids were given a second chance with a loving family.