When One Of Her Coworkers Burst Out Of The Restroom And Ran To The Dumpster, She Dialed 911 : AWM

When One Of Her Coworkers Burst Out Of The Restroom And Ran To The Dumpster, She Dialed 911

A normal day at work at the Souper Salad, a salad bar in Texas is not very exciting. Just ask Alyssa Hazel Baker, 28, earns her living serving fresh lettuce at the Texas strip mall location. However, June 15, 2018, was no normal day. She rushed into the bathroom multiple times during her shift because she was suffering from a stomach ache.

However, when Alyssa asked her coworkers for a pair of scissors at one point, they began to grow concerned. During her time as an employee at the salad bar, she had never acted so erratically.

Then she broke the news to her coworkers. She told them she had just given birth in the toilet. They didn’t even know she was pregnant.

After the shocking announcement, Alyssa cleaned up the bathroom and went to the kitchen to grab a trash bag. She admitted that she had not expected to give birth on the shift because she didn’t know that she was pregnant either.

Alyssa also cleaned off the scissors, which had since been splattered with blood. But when she rushed out of the bathroom with the trash bag, her coworkers knew something was wrong. At the time, they hadn’t yet learned she birthed a baby. But her behavior was very strange.

The co-worker called the police because she thought Alyssa might have suffered a miscarriage. But when authorities came to the Texas salad bar, they were horrified. They had never seen anything like it, especially from a food-service worker who had been trained in cleanliness practices and how to handle food. It certainly terrified anyone who has eaten at Souper Salad.

Police officers quickly found the black trash bag. It was on top of other junk and debris. They opened the bag and found a living, breathing baby boy.

When police questioned Alyssa, she told them that she had gone to pee and “the baby just fell out.” She hadn’t noticed any signs of pregnancy. But a quick look at her phone proved that to be a lie. Her search history was littered with more than 50 searches containing terms like abortion, DNA testing, miscarriages, and pregnancy.

Baker was arrested. Police transported her to the Tarrant County Jail after she could not post $50,000 bond. Police will charge the mother from Hurst, Texas with attempted capital murder.

Thankfully, the baby boy was in good health. He was taken to the local hospital and was determined to have been born at 31 weeks.

Coworkers thought she was acting strangely on the day she gave birth in the restaurant bathroom.

After the coworker watched Baker walk to the dumpster with the trash bag and a bloody pair of scissors in her hand, they called the police. When officers arrived, she told them, “Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have done that.”

When police found the baby, he was awake and crying. Baker later confessed that she tried to throw the baby in the trash despite knowing that he was alive.

How do you think the judge and jury in Texas will handle this attempted murder case?

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