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When One Of The Horses Collapsed, The Herd Did Something Never Caught On Film Before

When it comes to nature photography, 65-year-old Ingo Gerlach knows how to be in the right place at the right time. While visiting the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, he followed a herd of 18 Icelandic stallions when a heartwarming thing occurred. Because one of the stallions had a rare moment of dis-ease, he started to wobble and then fell to the ground among the other gallant horses.

As Gerlach watched the two-year-old tan-colored horse fall to the ground, he took out his camera and prepared to capture footage that thousands of people would be interested. The moment proved to be heartwarming as the herd gathered around the sickly stallion and tried to help him recover from the momentary dizziness or unease.

Gerlach first realized something was about to happen when the tan two-year-old became isolated from the rest of the herd. The horse then fell to the ground, and the others gathered to help revive him in his moment of need.

Gerlach, who hails from Betzdorf, Germany told Daily Mail: “The stallion went to his knees with his front legs and sank to the ground. Finally, he lay down on his side and didn’t move anymore.”

The photographer had a feeling that the horse was tired. But he wasn’t sure about that. He also wondered if it was maybe on the ground to scratch its back to deal with the fleas. However, the horse did not seem to have any energy whosesoever. This quickly acted as a call to action for the herd who rushed over to lend the stallion their support.

“The dark stallion quickly came to the horse lying on the ground to motivate him to stand up,’ said Ingo, who began to film the encounter.”

It doesn’t take long for the dark-colored horse to show it has a big heart. It approaches the sickly one and nuzzles up to it to show it is not alone. Because the tan horse does not respond, the darker one then bites the stallion’s leg to give it a jolt of awareness. This helps.

The horse sits up and comes to attention rather quickly. It pushes itself to its feet. But it is unsteady. Something is wrong with it. And its legs begin to wobble once again as if it is very dizzy.

Because the horse is not well, others come to its side as well. These two, one with a dark coat and a white mane, the other in piebald coloring, do similar things as the first horse did. They bite at the sickly one’s ears to give it a jolt to snap it out of its sickness.

After some time, the stallion rises to his feet again. With the others around him, rubbing up against him to make sure he is steady, he is able to stay on his feet. He seems to love and affection and the support his herd has given him.

Gerlach admitted that he was stunned to watch the stallions help the sick one.

“Why the other stallions motivated their comrades to get up is just as unclear. It seemed as if the stallions were trying to save their herd member from certain death.”

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