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When Police Found Out This Teacher Texted A Student 9,000 Times, They Arrested Her Immediately

Whenever anyone asked 50-year-old Dayna Chidester, she always said that she was happily married. However, her lie was not strong enough to hide her twisted desire to abuse little children. Now, Chidester, who works as a teacher, has been arrested by the FBI after it was discovered that she had sex with a 14-year-old minor “fifteen to twenty times” between the months of September and December 2018.

Evidence obtained by the FBI found that Chidester abused the child at her home, in various Illinois hotels, and in her car – using all outlets at her disposal to erase the innocence of the youth. Following each criminal act, she’d return home to her “happy marriage,” without a hint of remorse or any sign that she’d done something horrible in the eyes of the law.

For years, Chidester held a job as a consumer and family science teacher at Reed-Custer High School. But now that the secret acts of this supposed family woman have been revealed, prosecutors argued that she should be held pending trial without bond. They argued that Chidester would be a flight risk since she has lost everything now that the FBI has caught onto her behavior.

Nevertheless, the judge did not side with the prosecutor. Instead of agreeing to hold the suspected child molester without bail, the judge set Chidester’s bail at $1 million, which she quickly paid.

Following her abuses, Chidester allegedly texted another student about how she had sex with the 14-year-old and was disgusted about what she had done to the boy who did not go to the school where she worked.

“It’s horrible. (I) can go to jail.”

When the FBI found her phone and that of her victim’s, they located thousands of text messages between the pair beginning in September 2018. Because the phone was also loaded with illicit images of her underage victim, she has been hit with a possession charge concerning the X-rated images of her victim.

Will County officials became aware that Chidester was texting a minor and engaging in a sexual relationship back in December 2018. These investigators searched the boy’s cellphone and gathered all the evidence they needed to charge Chidester with her abuses. They also found plenty of nude images of the 51-year-old as well.

Besides the thousands of text messages, Chidester and the victim shared hundreds of phone calls over the three month period of abuse.

When authorities interviewed the victim on January 2019, the minor admitted that Chidester had sex with him “fifteen to twenty times” in all manner of locations.

The victim revealed that Chidester abused him about twice a week for months.

When authorities asked the victim how all the abuses began, he said, “She said I looked hot.”

Because Chidester has been charged with sexual abuse of a minor, she faces a minimum sentence of fifteen years in federal prison. Not only does she face time for the crime, but she may also have to fight against her possession of the X-rated images of the minor she abused.

What do you think should happen to her?

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