When Police Saw Who Was Trapped Inside This Burning Car, Their Hearts Skipped A Beat : AWM

When Police Saw Who Was Trapped Inside This Burning Car, Their Hearts Skipped A Beat

When someone wants to destroy evidence, they burn it. Whether it is a paper trail that proves a crime or something else, criminals feel that if they can burn the evidence into oblivion, they will get off free and clear. Unfortunately, forensic investigators are too smart for those crooks. But what if the “evidence” is a teenage girl? That’s what happened just in Donga Gali, which is 30 miles northeast of Pakistan’s capital – more than a dozen men burned a teenage girl alive because she helped a couple.

A Jirga, which is a local tribal council that includes fifteen men, killed a teenage girl as retaliation. She had helped a couple from another village of Makol. What was the teenager’s crime? She was accused of helping the other couple elope.

The cruel men allegedly took the teen, who is known simply as Ambreen, from her home. The tribal “leaders” then drugged her and bound her hands. They then threw her unconscious body into the back of a vehicle. To prevent her from escaping, they tied her hands to the van itself. Then the tribal leaders covered the van in gasoline and set it alight. They watched as they killed a teenager because she brought “shame” on their village for helping two passionate lovers marry.

Ambreen was burned alive on April 29. Her body was found days later. And as you can imagine, people around the community were outraged that their leaders would resort to such violent tactics for a teen who simply helped two lovers marry.

Thirteen of the fifteen people in the Jirga were arrested and charged with murdering Ambreen.

Among the thirteen arrested were Ambreen’s mother and brother. Her own mother burned her alive for being a matchmaker. The group who burned her like this will be tried at an Anti-Terrorism Court in Pakistan.

The Jirga was outraged when Ambreen helped a couple leave and marry. They were located in Makol, and she helped them go to the Pakistani city of Abbottabad.

On April 28, the members of the Jirga noticed that the couple was gone. This made them angry. They organized an impromptu meeting, which was fueled with anger and hate. It lasted for six hours as they riled each other up and prepared to commit their evil act. As a group, they decided that Ambreen must pay for her crime. Because she assisted in this couple’s marriage, they believed that she made their village look bad. In exchange for her damaging the village’s reputation, they decided Ambreen must burn alive. In the end, their actions were much more damaging for the village than Ambreen helping unite two lovebirds.

When police officers saw the burned body of the teenager, their hearts skipped a beat. They were horrified by the brutal and inhumane death she had been subjected to for a non-crime. They will hopefully have many years in prison to think over the horrific crime they committed against a young girl with a bright future.

What kind of punishment do you think the teen’s killers deserve?