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When She Brought An Emotional Support Horse On The Plane, Nobody Could Believe It

Do you remember when someone took a peacock on a flight as their emotional support animal? Now another emotional support animal has risen to fame. Her name is Flirty, and she was spotted on a flight from Chicago to Omaha. Flirty is a 136-pound mare who has her own Instagram account with thousands of followers. The miniature horse was seen on the domestic flight to Nebraska last week and has been identified as Flirty, the seven-year-old emotional support animal.

Flirty has been trained to support her disabled owner, Abrea Hensely. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Hensely said that she took Flirty on the domestic flight from Chicago to Nebraska to visit her family in the midwestern state.

Recently, the United States Department of Transportation republished their emotional support guidelines. They now allow passengers to take miniature horses on a flight so they can feel comfortable while they fly.

Hensely has owned Flirty for the last two years. She’s her best friend and serves as a wonderful emotional support animal. Because she serves as a wonderful constant companion, Hensely is doing much better with the miniature horse by her side.

Because Flirty has more than 8,800 followers on Instagram, Hensely used the 90-minute flight from Chicago to Omaha to inform the horse’s followers about it. They took a picture with the flight attendants and the pilots, who were overjoyed to welcome the emotional support animal onboard their flight.

“Here’s a great picture of the flight crew from American Airlines! They were fantastic and kind and very excited to see Flirty on their flight! Even the pilots had to come out to say hi,” Hensely wrote to accompany the image.

Another image showed Flirty taking a snooze on Hensely’s lap. Other passengers were also curious about the animal and shared images on social media.

Hensely wrote, “She was so relaxed. Once we got up in the air and stood very quietly. You can see that she’s dozing here. I fed her a lot of treats while we were ascending and descending to keep her swallowing and allow her ears to adjust to the pressure. She did show some discomfort by shaking her head once or twice, but the treats mostly did the trick to keep her comfortable.”

Because Flirty was such an oddity on board the flight, people were eager to capture her on film as well. Startled passengers snapped photos and videos of the miniature horse as she traveled more than 30,000 feet in the air from Chicago to Omaha.

A person shared the content of Flirty on social media and expressed how strange it was to see a horse on a plane.

“What a time to be alive. GTHO (Get the hell out) with this. Where does this pony fit on the plane? Does she get her own row because anyone sitting in hers, it’s going to be tight!”

The airline customer had a lot of questions and was eager to see how Flirty handled everything. But Flirty was perfect. No complaints.

What do you think about Hensely using a horse as an emotional support animal?

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