When She Found Out How Her Parents Were Treated At The Drive-Thru, She Wanted To Warn Everyone : AWM

When She Found Out How Her Parents Were Treated At The Drive-Thru, She Wanted To Warn Everyone

A woman is claiming that a fast food restaurant mistreated her deaf parents and mocked them… and now she’s firing back. Donna Curtis took to Facebook to share the story after she got a text from her mother. According to Curtis, her mother and stepfather went to a KFC in Byram, Mississippi and used the drive-thru to order.

Since the door to the restaurant was locked, the couple drove up to the window to place their order. Curtis explained: “She said, ‘I am deaf. I would like to order, please.'” She continued, sharing: “The lady at the window realized they were deaf. She put her hand in front of her mouth. In front of her own mouth, so that my mother and my stepfather could not understand what she was saying.”

Her mother asked if the woman would move her hand so she could read her lips, but the KFC employee wouldn’t.

Curtis continued, noting that her mother felt like the staff was making fun of them. She explained: “My mother saw people laughing. She asked the girl, ‘Are y’all making fun of me?’ No one said anything. My mother and my stepfather had no idea what they were talking about. All they knew was that they were hungry and they wanted to order food. But, the employee thought it was funny that they cannot hear. My parents’ handicap — they are deaf, but they’re not dumb.”

The incident left her mother and stepfather hurt, as Curtis noted: “They were discriminated (against) because they cannot hear.”

A KFC spokesperson issued a statement that explained: “We are conducting a thorough investigation of this incident. The franchisee’s director of operations is reaching out to Ms. Curtis regarding this matter. We believe in a culture of respect for all people and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.”

Curtis went live on Facebook to discuss the matter, saying, “Bless my parents’ heart. It’s so sad that they can’t even get a bite to eat without people judging because they’re deaf.”

“Discrimination is not accepted,” she continued, adding, “No matter if you’re hearing, if you’re deaf, if you’re blind, the color of your skin, it does not matter.”

Many people commented on her Facebook live session, with one person writing: “I am so very sorry that your parents were treated with such blatant disrespect. My heart hurts for them and you.”

Another commenter added: “You’re so right girl! People should not be hated against or judged or bullied because of their disabilities or anything! That is so messed up, the people in this world need to grow up and stop hating on people.”

Still others commented on the cruel nature of some people, with one person explaining: “My heart absolutely broke hearing your story, how can people be so cruel!?! How can someone belittle and embarrass someone for something they have no control over? Bless you and your parents! Y’all are in my prayers. Thank you for bringing this to light and sharing something that I know was difficult for you to speak about.”