When She Said She Could Tell My Personality By Looking At My Writing, I Had To Test Her Theory : AWM

When She Said She Could Tell My Personality By Looking At My Writing, I Had To Test Her Theory

Everyone’s handwriting is different. But did you know that it is a mirror into your personality? If you’ve heard this before, you’ve probably been curious. I know I am. But I get curious about all the interesting personality tests. However, when you learn these tricks to analyze your handwriting, you’ll see that it reveals something deep within you. Write out a few sentences now and then go through the following steps. You’ll see how much of your personality comes through the words and letters you write.

After you have a few lines of handwriting to analyze, go through each of these points and see which one matches your writing. When you determine that, you can get a glimpse into your personality. We promise that this one will interest you and all your friends.

The slant

No slant: You are logical. You do not often make emotional decisions.

Right slant: You’re an emotional person. You value family. You’re friendly, and you love romantic stuff.

Left slant: You’re someone who’d rather curl up with a good book than go to a party. You lead a reserved life and prefer not to be bothered.

Letter size

Small letters: You’re more introverted and have good concentration.

Large letters: You focus on the people around you, and you have a desire to be understood.


Light pressure: You’re a person who is in control. And if something changes, you can adapt.

Heavy pressure: You’re an emotional individual who sometimes *cough* overreacts.

Lower zone

Broad ‘Y’ Loop: You’re open and have a lot of friends.

Slender ‘Y’ Loop: You have few, very close friends.

Long ‘Y’ Loop: You love to travel.

Short ‘Y’ Loop: You love spending time at home.

Connection of Letters

Disconnected letters: You’re intelligent and have a strong intuition.

Connected letters: You make decisions quickly and often have a logical plan.

Upper Zone

Retracted ‘L’: You have a pessimistic outlook because a lot of your plans do not work out.

Looped ‘L’: You set firm goals and believe in your ability to accomplish them.

Retracted ‘T’: Your strength is self-control. You work very hard.

Looped ‘T’: You can’t take criticism.

Dots on the ‘I’

Small dot: You’re a perfectionist. And you like to keep your life free from clutter.

Circular dot: You have an active inner child and are artistic. You’re also one to stand out in the crowd.

Cross on the ‘T’

Low cross: You might have low aims in life.

High cross: Your self-esteem is high, and you aspire for the stars.

Word spacing

Narrow spacing between words: You have dependency issues with other people. You can’t be alone.

Wide spacing between words: You’re an independent individual who likes to avoid crowds.

Line spacing

Even spacing: You respected boundaries and understand conversations about them.

Little spacing: You have poor time management.

What did you find out about yourself? If you enjoyed it, ask your friends for a few written lines and then analyze their writing. Maybe you can tell them secrets about their personality that they didn’t know.