When She Saw This Photo Of A Dog On Facebook, She Got Up In The Middle Of The Night To Help : AWM

When She Saw This Photo Of A Dog On Facebook, She Got Up In The Middle Of The Night To Help

All too often we hear about abandoned dogs being found on the side of the road. Sometimes they are even tied to fences and left behind without food. If the dog is lucky, a good samaritan will stumble across the stranded pup and come to its rescue. A dog fittingly named Lucky was saved by a dog groomer who came to his rescue in the middle of the night.

When Lucky was almost hit by a car on a Florida highway, some kind-hearted strangers teamed up and got him the help he needed. Lucky had apparently been abandoned by his owner and his condition was proof of the neglect that he had endured. The four-year-old dog had fur that was so matted and overgrown that it took over his entire body and made him look less like a dog and more like some type of creature. His fur was so bad that he couldn’t wag his tail or walk properly. Not only were his mats weighing him down but they were also infested with fleas and he had a yeast infection.

After Mary Dixon found Lucky, she posted a photo of him on Facebook, hoping that someone would be able to care for him that night before Animal Services opened in the morning. Luckily, Dog Groomer and owner of BGE Grooming, Kari Falla saw the post and she was so determined to help him that she opened her shop up in the middle of the night so she could start grooming him and easing some of his pain. And that is when the transformation for Lucky began.

In most cases, it takes around an hour and a half to groom an average dog, but it took double the time to get all the mats removed from Lucky’s body. And even though Falla was a stranger and Lucky had evidently had little experience being groomed, he was calm and patient as she went to work on him.

After Falla completed the grooming, she shared a before and after photo on her Facebook page, alongside the following caption…

“At midnight we opened up our salon to help this baby found off of Conroy in the middle of the night. It was an emergency and we didn’t want this baby to suffer in pain any longer. Good Samaritans saved him from being hit by a car. Transport was arranged and they brought us the dog. After a few tedious hours of shaving these horrible mats off, WE FOUND HIS CUTE FACE! ♡ YAY!”

In the video below you can see the coverage of Lucky’s transformation on Inside Edition.

“Pictures don’t even come close to showing how bad these mats were,” said Falla. “They were soaking wet, infested with fleas, full of yeast infection and attached like a mummified cast. The smell was horrendous. I knew it was bad, but nothing prepared me for what I saw. It smelled like death and the dog could not walk.”

Commenters shared their praise for the dog grooming community…

“The entire grooming community constantly helps with rescues, fundraisers and with animals in just as poor condition. What she did was wonderful! Just remember you don’t usually get to see the other heroes who choose to remain ‘behind the scenes.'”