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When She Showed Up To The Costume Party Wearing This, Everyone Wanted To Know How She Did It

It’s fun to have a party trick or two up your sleeve. You never know when the conversation will fall into a lull. During those moments, you stand out from the crowd when you can draw everyone’s attention to you and entertain them. It’s a skill that few possess, but it is something that everyone can learn. But when Mirjana Milosevic showed us her startling costume, she needed to get into the details and teach us just how she created the amazing illusion.

Milosevic has a video channel that gets many views. She’s a highly skilled and sought-after makeup artist living in Smederevo, Serbia. Milosevic has earned herself internet fame across the globe for her “wooden puppet doll” project. But not only did she get everyone’s attention, but she also won the lauded NYX Face Awards competition, skyrocketing her to the international stage in makeup. She won the prize in the “Kika” category, which translates from Serbian to “pigtail” or “braid.”

When you see the video below, you’ll understand why she won this category hands on.

Many young makeup artists and body painters yearn to emulate Milosevic’s skill and power. Besides her amazing illusions, she also plays with pop culture items such as Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride.

The video below is Milosevic’s “stomach in a knot” illusion. Watch as she starts the video with a dramatic display of what she’s going to do to her body. She takes a string and ties a tight knot at the center. Then she gives the camera a knowing smile.

As the video plays, she begins her makeup look. She lifts up her shirt to reveal her stomach and then begins to draw on it with different tools. She continues and shades it all in to create skin-tone looks that make it appear that her skin truly is tied in a knot.

She uses white makeup to make her skin appear to stretch. And the shades it masterfully to give it the illusion that her stomach is pulled and tied at the center. It is enough to make your stomach twist.

When you see the completed look toward the end of the video, you’ll be stunned. It is unbelievable that she managed to create that in a matter of minutes. Although the video is sped up throughout, you can tell that she knows exactly what she is doing and doesn’t waste a second with a wrong stroke.

On YouTube, her “stomach in a knot” video has received nearly 10 million views. People from around the world have shared their excitement to see how she did it and to share their love for fashion and art.

“I don’t know how you do all this. It’s just amazingly shocking and awesome and I also just discovered your channel, and I can’t stop watching it,” one fan wrote.

“Amazing shading and blending to hide and accent certain aspects of the work. It is amazing how she actually looks like she’s tied in a knot.”

Scroll down to watch the video below!

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