When She Told Me She Made The Dress I Was Impressed, But When She Turned Around My Jaw Hit The Floor : AWM

When She Told Me She Made The Dress I Was Impressed, But When She Turned Around My Jaw Hit The Floor

Here’s a magical dress that upon seeing for the first time, you might ask “how did she do that?” Take another look as she spins around, wearing a ball gown that’s elegant, but magically transforms into a butterfly. The craziest part is that the designer has no sewing experience! When Ivy Thompson found out about a masquerade ball in Seattle, she knew she had to bring this very special vision to life.

The YouTube video explains that she “designed and made this dress without any previous sewing experience” and that “the gown uses a snap and cord to keep the sleeves on and easily transform into a sleeveless butterfly dress.”

She grew up with a mother and grandmother who liked to sew, so perhaps their talents rubbed off on her? In the video, she remarked how she was looking forward to taking her “first official sewing class” soon.

Ivy got the idea from a performance of Cinderella and decided that she would attempt to pull off a dress that transforms into a butterfly. The snap panel she employs is genius! When the panel is pulled, the cord that is attached to the back’s series of lacing comes unlaced to reveal the surprise design.

She explained, “the most difficult part about getting this gown from concept to reality was figuring out how to do the transformation in one smooth motion.” She added that “by connecting the lacing to the snap panel, I can pull the cord in the front and both the lacing and the snap panel come undone at the same time.”

Among the many people who weighed in with comments on the YouTube video were those who were won over by her amazing creation, as one person asked: “Can we appreciate the intricate details she did to create this?”

Other people argued about whether she really does have past sewing experience, with one person pointing out: “But if it says she has no background in sewing then that means she has NO EXPERIENCE IN SEWING. If someone has previous experience in something, then they have a background in said something. It would be more correct to say she had no professional training. Though I don’t see why that would matter at all, since it doesn’t make the thing any more or less impressive.”

Another commenter was critical about all of the spinning, writing: “’Smooth motion’ hah! You spun around like fifteen times trying to make it un-fold. And in fast motion as well. I mean, yeah cool design but that looks way too dizzying. Maybe it could just roll down and look better than spinning.”

Others were quite impressed, even those with sewing experience, as one person commented: “Wow, this was fascinating! especially as someone who sews, this was really cool to see. The question I have is how did she get the top of the dress to have the shape and look of a ball gown, then have the shape and look of butterfly wings when it’s lying flat? This lady is such an inspiration and now I want to try making something like that.”