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When She Walked Into The Salon, The Hairdresser Took One Look And Refused To Cut Her Hair

If you are like most people, you probably don’t love getting your haircut. It takes valuable time out of your day, and the small talk can often be unbearable. In the end, you spin around to see that you look completely different, hopefully for the better. One woman recently discovered another nightmare while trying to get her hair cut, and this one is really unfortunate.

Julia Apodaca-Lane recently went to a local SmartStyle location to get her hair done. She had gone many times before and never had a single issue. But this time something was different.

Julia suffers from psoriatic arthritis, which also has caused her to experience psoriasis as well. Her skin cells flake off and build up, soon starting to dry and itch like you couldn’t believe.

There are numerous treatments for psoriasis, but it can be hard to get rid of the symptoms completely. So when Julia went in for her haircut, she was having a slight breakout on her scalp.

Psoriasis is not contagious at all, but it certainly appears similar to a rash or illness that could be. The hairdresser apparently thought the same and refused to cut her hair.

“She looks at me. She goes, ‘Are you contagious!'” she told reporters. “And I’ve never been treated this way, I mean, about anything.”

Psoriasis flares up in different areas for everyone, but Julia’s tends to manifest itself on her face and scalp. Fortunately, it is not contagious at all but that doesn’t stop people like this hairdresser from freaking out.

WVUA 23 got in touch with Latoya Aaron of the Alabama Board of Cosmetology in order to get some background information on this type of situation. According to this expert, cosmetologists are well within their rights to refuse a customer with a potentially hazardous condition.

“We do have the right to refuse it, you know. Talk to her and tell her to bring some sort of documentation,” she said. “I can’t take your word for it because we work for the public; we are not doctors. I’d put it like that.”

While she took a hard line stance on their right to refuse, Aaron did recognize that most cosmetologists would have handled the situation with a bit more grace and poise. Rather than freaking out, she could have simply asked for documentation.

“A kind word goes a long way. It should have been personal and private… I feel that because you want to treat people like you would want to be treated,” Aaron continued.

When Julia was refused, the cosmetologist did not treat her like she would want to be treated. She treated her like a leper and openly shared this private information for the whole shop.

“I got to the car and I just sat there and sobbed. Just cried and cried and cried. I mean, like, ugly, heaving sobbing,” the poor woman said.

Julia is already paranoid about her situation, and now she has to worry even more whenever she wants to simply get a haircut.

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