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When She Walked Me Through Her Garden, All Of Her Flowers Reminded Me Of Something Else

Mother nature is fascinating and it has a tendency to spark a natural curiosity in all of is, even if we are on a simple walk outside. One of the best parts of mother nature is the fact that it is endless, and we always have the chance to learn about and see more of the many mysteries of the world.

Flowers are amongst the many mysteries of the world, as they grow in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes, decorating our land with great beauty. While we typically stick to the basic flowers like tulips, roses, and sunflowers when we are gardening, there are several other flowers that go unnoticed. Believe it or not, there are some flowers that really don’t look like flowers at all, and instead, they resemble other parts of life.

One exceptionally interesting flower, known as the Calceolaria Uniflora, looks like it just came out of outer space. Complete with protruding eyes and arms rest on its lap, this flower looks a lot like an alien.

The white egret orchid (Habenaria Radiata) could easily be mistaken for a bird if you look quickly. The center of the flower is shaped like the body of a bird, complete with a sprouting beak. And the petals flair outwards and are frayed much like the wings of a bird.

While most flowers are known for their vibrant colors and uplifting appearance, there is one that is quite the opposite. The Antirrhinum looks a lot like a human skull and one branch holds several of the somber buds.

On a more peaceful note, the Peristeria Elata looks like it is holding a baby dove.

The Caleana Major, also known as the “flying duck orchid,” has vibrant shades of blue and purple and an evident orange beak protruding from what appears to be the head.

Resembling a set of very bright red lips, the Psychotria Elata looks like it might just reach out and plant a kiss on you.

Orchids seem to be the most common when it comes to interesting shapes and figures. One is so intricate that it looks like it’s a tiny little ballerina.

Another colorful flower that resembles a well-known bird is the Impatiens Psittacina. You just might mistaken it for a parrot if you get a glimpse while walking by.

There is one flower that you may want to keep away from innocent eyes, as it resembles the appearance of a naked man. The Orchis Italica or ‘Naked Man orchid,’is the spitting image of an undressed man, showing off his privates for the world to see.

The moth orchid is heavenly in appearance and resembles a bird with beautiful wings and a tucked in head, sleeping peacefully.

There is one flower that just might make you want to curl up inside of it, as it looks like a cocoon holding a sleeping baby.

Apparently, orchids are well known for resembling a wide array of human and animal life. There is one that looks identical to a monkey and for this reason, the Dracula Simia is known as the monkey orchid.

Have you ever seen any of these flowers in person?