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When She Went To The Botox Party, She Had No Idea She’d End Up Looking Like This

A 29-year-old beauty from Leicestershire in the United Kingdom felt like she could look better than she did. Although she had everything she needed to an outside observer, Rachael Knappier wanted more. That’s why she went to a “Botox and filler party” and received a treatment that caused her lips to swell to more than four times their usual size – but that’s not the worst of it.

Not only did the “beauty” treatment make Rachel look a thousand times worse than she did before the “Botox and filler party,” the lip fillers almost killed her. That’s right. Rachael later learned that she could have died if things had gone a little bit differently.

Because she learned a valuable lesson about beauty treatments and loving yourself the way you are, she decided to take a chance and speak to the people on This Morning, the British talk show that reaches millions of people in the United Kingdom. Alongside cosmetic surgeon Dr. Tijon Esho, Rachael told her story.

Meanwhile, Dr. Esho said that Rachael was “one of the lucky ones” who did not die after receiving the potentially deadly lip filler treatment from someone who simply did not know what they were doing.

During the “Botox party,” the so-called beautician promised to fix Rachael’s “biggest insecurity,” which happened to be her lips. After Rachael shelled over about $400, the beautician took a weird-looking product out of a container and injected the filler into the young woman’s top lip.

That night, Rachael woke up to searing pain. While on the talk show, she told hosts Rochelle Humes and Ryan how doctors laughed at her after she showed up in the emergency room the next day with lips four-times their usual size. But when she told them what had happened, their countenances immediately sobered up. They knew she was in serious danger.

Although Rachael had indulged in Botox treatments before (she’d taken the inject in her forehead previously), the lip filler did a completely different number on her face.

She wanted to get her lip “topped up” she wasn’t going to get the injection until the beautician pointed out a bump on her lip that was Rachael’s self-proclaimed “weakness.”

“She told me she could fix it. She told me she’d seen so many girls like that before. You’ve got someone telling you they can fix your biggest insecurity, and I didn’t really ask any other questions.”

Besides the promise, Rachael had gotten drunk at the party. She was in no state of mind to try the dangerous treatment, but she didn’t know any better.

“There was fizz and cake, and it was a bit of a conveyer belt with girls sitting in the kitchen waiting their turn with local anesthetic cream on their faces.”

Dr. Esho warned that “you can lose tissue. The nose. The side of the face. The lips. She’s very lucky it was identified as this, as many times it happens people have life-ending injuries from this.”

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