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When The Doctor Walked In And Saw This X-Ray He Couldn’t Believe His Eyes

Doctors go to medical school so they can become experts. They study both normal and abnormal cases so they can have a wide breadth of knowledge. But even if they read every book out there, which is impossible, they’re still going to come face-to-face with medical situations they could never have seen coming. After the patient had gotten into a brawl in the village of Ghodegaon, which is in the Ahmednagar district of India, he left the fight the clear loser.

And the doctor was in awe as the X-ray revealed a key, which had been driven deep into his skull. The key once operated a motorbike, but the assailant managed to wedge it two inches into the victim’s head. And because it was an incident the emergency room doctor had never seen before, he had to calm himself before he put the man under surgery for more than three hours.

Dr. Shailendra Uttamrao Markad was the surgeon who helped save the man’s life. He admitted that if the motorcycle key had caused internal bleeding, the man probably wouldn’t have survived. The key was poking into his skull and grazing up against his brain.

Dr. Markad described how the situation came to be: “On April 18 at around 11 am, in a brawl at his village, the teenager was assaulted by someone, and a bike key got lodged deep into his skull. He was brought to my out-patient department at around 3.30pm, and after seeing the scan report we started the surgery at around 6.30 pm on the same day.”

Dr. Markad treated the patient at the Anand Rishi Hospital. In order to get the key loose from the victim’s skull, the surgeon performed craniotomy surgery. He had to remove a flap of bone from the man’s skull so that he could access the brain. And when the skull was taken off, he could finally remove the key without letting it destroy the man’s brain function.

The surgery went off without a hitch, which was a miracle in its own right. And three days later, the victim of the brawl was released from the hospital. Dr. Markad said he had made a strong recovery and should not have any lasting damage, except for a scar he can brag about to all the ladies.

Dr. Markad said, “The surgery lasted about three and a half hours, during which we opened part of his skull to remove the lodged key. The victim has since recovered and is doing fine. He was discharged on April 21 evening, and is expected for a follow-up check this week.”

While the details of the attack in the village are uncertain, the result of the beat-down is clear. The man was left with a motorbike key stuck in his head. Thankfully, Dr. Markad managed to keep a clear mind while he operated on the victim. Although this was a situation he had never encountered before, the doctor put his attention on the task and completed the surgery with flying colors.

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