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When The Driver Dropped Off The Food, We Could Tell He Ate Half Of It

When a DoorDash customer received his barbecue dinner, he was excited to chow down. However, when he opened up the container, he saw something quite alarming. Chris Payton had always trusted DoorDash and their fleet of delivery drivers, but when he saw that his food was half-eaten, he knew that he had been cheated. Payton, who lives in West Manchester Township, Pennsylvania, is not the kind of guy who lets other people jerk him around, so he quickly confronted DoorDash about the disgusting delivery driver who ate his dinner.

Because Payton ordered ribs, he expected to get six of them with his order. Instead, he found that someone – he suspects it was the delivery driver – ate two of the ribs. There were obvious bite marks in the food, and it had been tainted by the delivery driver who had one job – to safely and securely deliver customer food from the restaurant to their door in a jiffy.

Payton contacted DoorDash but was stumped when they didn’t seem to care that their driver was eating customer orders.

“I was just dumbfounded I was really shocked that something like that would happen,” Payton told FOX43.

The Pennsylvania man has since gone on the rampage to get justice from the company which did not seem to care that the driver had eaten his food.

“I guess she just pulls over to the side of the road and just decides to have herself a little snack before she delivers,” he said. “It’s just crazy. I don’t understand people why they would do something like that. It’s somebody’s food you pay for that you expect to get it. You pay for a service.”

Although DoorDash offered Payton a refund, they did not say anything about disciplining the driver who ate the customer’s order. Payton wanted to be treated better, especially since he was trusting the service to do right by him and other patrons in the area.

“Treat your customers with respect, treat somebody’s like you would like to be treated yourself,” he said.

Payton ordered his food from Dickey’s Barbecue. The restaurant admitted that they’d received complaints about the same DoorDash delivery driver in the past. Although the media has been blasting DoorDash with questions, the delivery service has failed to respond to requests.

Payton’s experience in Pennsylvania is not alone. DoorDash has been accused of the same thing from their lackluster delivery drivers across the country. The company has also been accused of stealing their drivers’ tips.

The company rode the Silicon Valley wave into prominence. It is based in San Francisco and was founded back in 2013 when food delivery was still a relatively new phenomenon. The company works with more than 340,000 stores in over 4,000 cities across the United States and Canada. That means they employ a lot of delivery drivers and work with a lot of restaurants. There’s a lot of room for error even if the company means well.

But with allegations that DoorDash corporate steals tips from drivers, it does not seem like a company that cares about honesty and respect.

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