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When The History Teacher Saw Her American Flag T-Shirt, He Kicked Her Out Of Class

A history teacher at a Northern California high school took drastic action when a student in his class wore a t-shirt he found to be in poor taste. As a result of the incident, the 15-year-old student’s mother, Charlene Craig, was left confused and angry about her child being called out in this manner. The t-shirt in question featured shotgun shell casings that formed the American flag with the writing “National Rifle Association.”

During the history class at Lodi High School last week, the student said she was singled out for the shirt, as her mother told CBS: “She was basically being attacked in class,” adding, “I don’t think that makes it a safe learning environment.”

The student remained in the classroom, despite the teacher asking her to leave.

Did the teacher believe the shirt violated school dress code rules since it referenced weapons or was it a personal directive because the teacher doesn’t support the NRA?

Lodi Unified School District said it reviewed their school dress code guidelines and found that the shirt was not in violation of school rules. While the school does prohibit clothing depicting or referencing weapons, it was found that this graphic didn’t in any way show or represent a weapon.

Craig’s daughter and another student wearing the shirts refused to change their clothes. Craig further noted that the teacher then lectured the students about why guns are bad.

Craig shared: “He basically yelled at her, telling her that she would be writing an essay if she disagreed with him. I think he’s there to teach. I don’t think he’s there to discuss his personal beliefs.”

The student’s mother said she would continue to allow her daughter to wear the t-shirt to school, noting that she has hunters and farmers in her family. “That’s what she is, that’s what she does,” Craig added.

Among the people that weighed in on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the story was one person who is an alum of the school, sharing: “I went to Lodi High. They used to value their rural students. I teach in the district and the political correctness has run amok. I see kids wearing Che shirts, and no one does anything. Her shirt wasn’t offensive and she was right not to change. The district is way too politically correct.”

Plenty of people shared their thoughts on the matter on social media as well, with one person reasoning: “Guns aren’t bad, they are also not good. They don’t behave in either fashion. They are inanimate, incapable of causing any issue good or bad. Stupid teacher.”

Others pointed out that the history teacher was in the wrong, with one commenter noting: “Should be an unemployed History teacher. Quiz the teacher on the Constitution, either doesn’t know it or doesn’t care to apply it.”

Another commenter offered this perspective: “I’m pro NRA, but in light of all the school shootings, wearing this shirt was just asking to be singled out. Not appropriate attire. Probably why some schools require uniforms.”