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When The Judge Heard What They Named Their Baby He Demanded They Change It Or Else

When a couple decides to add to their family with a new baby it is a time of joy and great anticipation. It a time when they are going through the planning of changing their whole lives to accommodate a new person in the house and the family. The nursery gets put together, a baby shower is planned, and mom and dad embark on the journey of choosing a name for their little bundle.

One mom and dad are having to go to court over the name that they have chosen.

When it comes to naming a baby, it can be a process that the couple goes back and forth with for months because they want to make sure that they pick the best name that they can come up with. Many couples today are choosing gender neutral or unusual names for their children because it is a new trend. In France, this is something that is not supported.

An anonymous couple in France chose a the name Liam for their daughter, who was born this past November, and it is turning into a court battle. The court has stepped in and stated that this name “would be likely to create a risk of gender confusion.” The prosecutors went on to say that this name would be in “contrary to the interest of the child and could harm her in her social relations and we [prosecutors] told a judge to ban the parents from using it.”

The judge in the case has further inserted himself into the situation. He has told the couple that if they cannot come up with a suitable alternative that he would name the baby himself.

It is hard for many around the world to understand this overstepping of governmental boundaries. It is believed that the parents are the ones who should determine what is best for their own children. In the country of France, this is not the case. For decades, there has been an established list of acceptable names for parents to choose from. The government their feels that there is a lot that is implied in a name.

For most western countries, this is completely absurd. The times are different and the world that our children will grow up in is completely different from the world that their parents and grandparents grew up in.

People are choosing names that they enjoy and ones that will allow their children to stand out as individuals. Is it really the right of any government to insert themselves into the lives of civilians in such a way?