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When The Jury Saw The Police Officer’s Body Cam Footage, This Teen Was Sent Straight To Jail

A seventeen-year-old boy felt stuck. After making a series of terrible choices, he found himself behind the wheel of a stolen Jeep. But with the police on his tail, he made one final choice that would put him in jail for a very long time. As fear coursed through his veins, the youth pressed the accelerator down to the floor of the Jeep and rammed the car into a police officer, killing her and earning himself a murder charge.

Although Dawnta Harris was just seventeen when he killed the female cop, he was tried as an adult. Because he was found guilty of murder, he faces potential life behind bars after he killed Baltimore County police officer Amy Caprio, 29, last year.

The guilty verdict was delivered once the set of jurors were shown video footage indicating what Harris had done with the vehicle, indicating that it was not an accident at all. In the bodycam footage from Caprio, it is clear that Harris stepped on the accelerator with the intention of harming the female officer.

Not only did he run her over with the intention of harm, Harris then fled the scene and allowed Caprio to die there in that suburban neighborhood.

Because the body camera picked up the sound, the jury could hear the female cop’s final moments as she choked and struggled to breathe there on the pavement. The Jeep that Harris had used to run into the police officer crushed her body and left her struggling to breathe.

Although the evidence was very visceral and real, the jurors gave Harris their full attention. They deliberated for seven hours over the course of two days in order to make a decision regarding the young man’s guilt.

When the jury delivered their guilty verdict, the youth was distraught. He realized that the rest of his life might be spent behind bars.

In the video footage, Caprio holds her hand out and stands in the road screaming at the top of her lungs for Harris to “Stop! Stop!” but he doesn’t listen. The youth makes a bad decision and uses the car to crash into the Baltimore cop, ultimately ending her life with it.

Although he was filled with fear when he committed the act, he made a decision to use violence that resulted in the death of another person – a police officer at that. In the eyes of the law, that is simply not allowable.

The incident is rather heated. As the Jeep rolls toward Caprio, Harris stops the vehicle only a few inches from her. The hood even seems to graze her fingers. She then asks him to step out of the car, and he even opens the driver side door. But instead of getting out, he changes his mind. He ducks down to avoid any bullets, and slams his foot onto the gas and drives the Jeep right into the Baltimore cop. He leaves her in a pile on the ground. She managed to fire one shot, shattering the windshield.

Besides murder, he was also found guilty of burglary.

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