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When The Kids Found Out Their Teacher Was Allergic To Bananas They Smeared Them Everywhere

One art teacher had a severe allergy to bananas. Because her students knew that she had the allergy, they decided to be pranksters and slather smashed bananas onto the door handle as a way to cause the allergy to activate. Because the students hated the teacher, the bananas caused the allergy, which left the art teacher fighting for her life as she struggled to survive the horrible allergic reaction to the tropical fruit.

The students lashed out at the art teacher by targeting her allergy to bananas. Not only did they slather the door handle in smashed bananas, but they also started throwing bananas at her when she entered the class, ready to teach the class its lesson.

Because the students led the allergy-attack, one 13-year-old girl and two 12-year-old boys were sentenced to probation. The attack occurred at the Starling K-8 school in Columbus, Ohio. The students watched as the teacher went into anaphylactic shock as the students continued to pelt her with bananas despite her horrible allergy to the fruit.

The teacher was so allergic to the fruit, and the classroom was declared a “banana free-zone.” She posted signs outside the doors, alerting everyone to her severe allergy. She had even to ask students who may have eaten a banana to wash their hands before entering the classroom and taking her art lesson.

However, the teacher almost died last November while the students launched their attack on the teacher. The teacher went into shock in just 15 minutes despite getting injected with two EpiPens.

A school security employee was heard speaking on the police body camera saying, “She starts to change colors.”

The security employee added, “They gave her one EpiPen. It wasn’t working. They gave her another EpiPen. Her throat was starting to close up.”

Thankfully, the teacher’s colleagues called 911, and paramedics rushed to the school and hurried the teacher to the hospital.

“All of the kids know she is deathly allergic to bananas,” a staff member said. “If it touches her, she will go into anaphylactic shock. They’re sitting out here, and they’re all eating their lunch. So, so one of them takes a banana and sits it on the door.”

Officers found the banana under the table after it was thrown at the teacher, striking her in the arm or leg. The security employee said, “That could be attempted murder.”

Allergy attacks like this are on the rise. Students and kids are using allergies against people as a way to hurt and bully them. However, allergies can be very serious, which can result in someone’s death if they don’t receive care as quickly as they are able to.

People found this attack on the teacher to be outrageous. The students who did it probably did not realize how serious the teacher’s allergy would be. However, it was serious, and the teacher nearly died. It is unclear how the teacher is doing now and if they were able to return to the horrible Columbus, Ohio, school and get back to their job.

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