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When The Neighborhood Kids Found This Kitten, They Knew They Didn’t Have Much Time

While outside playing, a group of kids found something that shocked them to their cores. It was a little kitten that was abandoned on the sidewalk near their apartment complex in Phoenix, Arizona. However, this was not just a kitten that had been abandoned. It was a kitty that was stuck in leg casts and could not properly move around as it should.

Because the kitten was abandoned on the sidewalk, whoever had previously been in charge of the cat, locked up its legs with makeshift casts that were dirty and disgusting, it prevented the cat from getting around freely, forcing the cat to drag its hind legs behind it, struggling to get around.

Because these kids were Good Samaritans, one of them brought the kitty into their parents’ apartment to see if they would be allowed to offer it more help. The parents immediately knew that the kids had done right. The animal was in tough shape. By a simple glance, the parents saw that the kitten needed to get medical attention as quickly as possible. That’s why they picked up the phone and called Kathy Hamel, a locally-renown animal rescue expert who was more than eager to give the kitten in the casts a second chance.

As the director of the Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue, Hamel had seen a lot of pain and suffering when it came to small animals. However, whoever abandoned and abused this tiny kitten was a particularly bad breed of human being.

“I’m sure they had no idea what to make of what they saw, and they took her home to ask their parents what to do with her,” Hamel told The Dodo once the ordeal had been dealt with.

Hamel arrived at the apartment complex and took the kitten to the vet. The animal was not only hobbled by the makeshift casts on its hind legs, it was also malnourished and dehydrated.

As she was leaving with the kitten, one of the girls who saved her told Hamel that they’d named the little abandoned kitten, Cupcake. Hamel loved that.

“She was quite a sight. I have to admit I have never seen anything quite like it,” Hamel said. “Besides the strange apparatus that she was dragging around behind her, she was so incredibly tiny! She looked so much bigger in the picture. I had been sent.”

At the vet, Cupcake was treated for malnourishment. She was determined to be about six-weeks-old. The vet also removed the makeshift casts, which helped the tiny kitten a lot.

Although Cupcake had been through hell during her short life, she still had a big enough heart to be affectionate.

“She pushes her head against your finger to make you rub on her and scratch her head,” Hamel said. “She loves to be petted but is so tiny you can only pet her with (a) finger or tow and not a whole hand yet.”

When Cupcake is recovered, she can hopefully be adopted into a forever home. Hopefully, that will happen very soon.

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