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When The Pizza Delivery Driver Got Stiffed For A Tip, They Decided To Get Their Revenge

Being appreciated at work is important. When our coworkers or managers don’t let us know that they appreciate us when we do a good job, we can start to lose passion for the job, and that can effect our performance and our attitude. The number one reason people look for a new job is not that of pay. It is because their direct supervisor does not appreciate them.

It is a significant problem across the United States, and many people know what it is like to feel overlooked or underappreciated on the job. That’s why a group of anonymous Internet users came to a pizza delivery worker’s defense when they saw how he was mistreated while on the job.

After the rude workers at a car dealership in Massachusetts called for a few pies from Palace Pizza, the delivery driver gave them $42 worth of pizza on time. The employees gave the delivery driver, Jarrid Tansey, two $20s and two $5s.

Tomo News wrote, “Lianette Hernandez, a cook, and cashier at Palace Pizza said the total bill for the pizza and drinks was just over $42, and dealership workers gave Tansey $50 in two twenties and two fives. In the video, Tansey says he confirmed that F&R Auto Sales wanted to give him the entire $50, but the dealership then called the pizza place back and forced Tansey to return with the $7-and-change.”

Jarrid assumed the extra money was his tip. He was wrong.

When he returned to Palace Pizza, his manager told him the car dealership wanted their change.

Security camera footage shows Jarrid returning with the change. And the Massachusetts employees treat him like trash.

“It just doesn’t make sense why you’d hand me a bill that you were just going to have me drive back here to give you back anyway,” he said. “I’m not mad. I just had to waste my resources coming back here.”

Jarrid turns to leave, but the employees continue to taunt him. A female employee chases him out, shouting, “Out the door before I put my foot in your a**!”

The video went online, and soon people came to Jarrid’s defense. CNN ran a report on the horrible car salespeople, and it earned more than seven million hits.

Here are some thoughts from CNN viewers.

“It figures that a bunch of used car hucksters- in MASSACHUSETTS, no less- belittled and shortchanged this poor working stiff.”

“Shocking that I would witness such behavior from used car salespeople.”

“It’s not the fact that they were used car salespeople. Because I was once, and we would never, ever, talk to people like that. We were outgoing, friendly, helpful. These guys are just pigs.”

“I’m glad justice was served in this case.”

“7 dollars?! They didn’t even give him 20%. Then they call to get their money back?”

“This is the best karma I have ever seen in my life.”

As a result, people started sharing bad reviews for the car dealership online and put it out of business. What do you think about this? Did they get what they deserved?