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When The Students Learned Their Teacher’s Dark Secret, They Left This Surprise On His Desk

If you ask someone whether teachers get paid enough in America, chances are their answers will vary between two distinct positions. These positions also happen to be aligned with that person’s political opinions, which is pretty common in debates like these. Conservatives tend to think teachers are paid too much in the public school system due to their “powerful unions.”

While on the other side, liberals tend to think that teachers deserve way more support than they currently get due to their important role in shaping the next generation. This debate has raged ever harder recently, as there have been people actually suggesting that arming teachers is a good idea.

In the wake of the recent increase in school shootings, we all need to take a hard look at ourselves as a country. In no other country in the world do children have to fear for their lives as they do in America Not in third world countries do kids get murdered at the rate that they do in America.

We need to fight this on every front, not just one or two but every single thing we can possibly do to counter this threat. That includes training teachers to handle these situations. It includes increased resources for mental health so that disturbed individuals can know that they have other options. And yes, it may include rethinking our gun control laws – no matter how taboo that is to conservatives.

One thing we definitely need to do is give teachers the support they need to tackle the issue of educating our kids. In Brazil, apparently, they can’t ensure that their teachers are paid at all – let alone a livable wage.

Bruno Rafael Paiva is an amazing Brazilian teacher who is in love with educating the children of his community. So much so, that he has continued to teach for 2 months, despite getting no pay or benefits for doing so.

Somewhere in the Brazilian bureaucracy, poor Bruno’s name was left off of the payroll. Somehow no one ever fixed it, despite his efforts to get it done. So Bruno was forced to work without pay, something that many of us definitely would not have done.

One day, he entered the classroom and saw a small box placed on his desk. It was from his students and once he opened it he began to cry. The students saved up their pocket money and asked for donations after they heard that he had been living at school and working for free.

The $400 meant a lot to Bruno, who at this point was likely subsisting off of leftovers thrown away in the cafeteria. He is a dedicated teacher that finally got a break, thanks to these loving students who just wanted to help out their favorite teacher.

The school district needs to figure their stuff out soon, because Bruno certainly can’t be expected to work for free forever. Teachers deserve to be cherished and appreciated, yet in modern culture, they are treated like second-class citizens. We need to think about changing that if we have any hope of giving the next generation the same opportunities we were provided.

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