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When The Teacher Took The Student’s Phone Away, He Didn’t Expect To Get This Reaction

We all know that young people are addicted to their phones. They can’t seem to go an hour or so without checking it for notifications and updates. But one high school student in Texas exhibited the behavior of an addict after a teacher took away the student’s phone. Another student filmed the aftermath as teacher Bobby Soehnge removed the student’s phone at Cedar Hill High School. The teacher simply confiscated the device for the class period because the student had it out when he should not have.

As a result, the student assaulted the teacher.

The teacher said that the student had acted out during the year. But nothing was violent like this incident.

“He lost his balance and acted out,” Soehnge said.

The video shows the rampage the student goes on when he gets separated from his phone for a matter of seconds.

School principal Michael McDonald said, “I was shocked to see such egregious behavior. That’s not something we condone.”

The video was then posted to Facebook by parent Chris Hunt. It quickly went viral and received over a million views.

“It broke my heart a little bit, to be honest,” Hunt said. “I just want to let him know I appreciate him for how he handled that.”

Because the teacher did a decent job, Hunt decided to give the physics teacher Soehnge a few gift bags and a gift card to show that he appreciated the teacher’s professionalism as the student launched his attack.

“The important thing was to not add any energy into the dynamic that would make the situation more complicated,” the teacher said.

The student has since apologized for the outburst, Cedar Hill High School reported. And Soehnge holds no grudge against the young man for attacking him. The teacher said:

“There’s a way to solve complex problems whether it’s in Physics or even in life. I think because he was so willing to accept ownership and the consequences of his actions show that he’s maturing. And that’s what we always want as a teacher.”

Principal McDonald said that the teacher and student met and made up.

“(The teacher) actually met with the student after the class, they talked, they hugged,” said McDonald. “He spent a lot of time working with the student through the course of the year. They have a great relationship, and that was just a bad day the student was having.”

Some people have criticized Soehnge for how he acted. Others think he is a hero and a role model.

“It’s brave of him, and it shows other people that you can control yourself and do things differently,” said student Shamya Hunt.

Shamya runs a mentoring organization in the school called the Dream Team. And he wants to speak to the boy in the video. “I was that child so that I could relate,” he said.

In the end, the teacher remained calm and showed the student compassion. Because the boy was acting out, he needed his teacher, not a disciplinarian.

What do you think about the video from the Texas high school?