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When The Waiter Brought Her Salad To The Table, None Of Us Could Believe It

When you choose to spend your hard-earned money at a restaurant, you expect to get a few things in return. Quality service, tasty food and a lovely presentation – the latter being not quite as important as the other two. How your food is presented doesn’t seem like it would be that important, but one London woman learned just how crucial it can be to enjoying a quality meal.

Dawn Williams of Liverpool is a huge fan of Middle Eastern food. In fact, she goes out to eat it quite often, almost to the point of describing herself as an expert. But all the experience in the world didn’t prepare her for the bizarre sight that awaited her in the form of a salad from Al Waha Mediterranean restaurant.

Al Waha is in an upscale area known as Notting Hill, but the surrounding area clearly hasn’t influenced the restaurant’s menu quite enough. As a starter, they brought out a nice bowl of veggies which could have been a delightful entryway into the rest of the meal.

Instead, it left Williams and her friends uncontrollably laughing due to the incredibly weird presentation. Rather than some chopped vegetables with a dipping sauce as is typical from this type of appetizer, Al Waha decided to serve every single customer in their restaurant a bowl of uncut lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber and onions for their patrons to enjoy.

To make it even more bizarre, the vegetables included no knife or chopping surface. Instead the chef decided to include several ice cubes on top of the vegetables, a choice that has now led to what is known online as the “world’s worst salad.”

“It was the worst salad in the world, absolutely,” she said according to Daily Mail. “But it gave us ten minutes of fun as it made us laugh out loud. I can’t believe the reaction online though, it’s gone global with all the shares.”

She is referring to the photo she posted on image-hosting site Imgur, which quickly went viral with many chiming in about their opinions on this terrible salad. Some called it a “hipster deconstructed salad,” while others referred to it as an, “IKEA DIY salad.”

“I couldn’t believe it. Both me and my partner started to laugh loudly as soon as the waiter put it down,” she continued. “We explained that it was probably a funny question but would he mind taking our salad back and chopping it for us. He told us that they were crudites and not a salad.”

No matter what the restaurant says, no one should be served uncut veggies in this manner with no way to reasonably eat them. It seems to be a baffling move considering extras like this can end up costing the establishment a lot in the long run – both financially and in their reputation.

The manager defended his choice of appetizer, saying, “EW always put it at every table when they order, before their food arrives we put the crudite to get their palate going.”

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