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When These Strange Creatures Started Falling Out Of The Sky Nobody Knew What To Do

You’ve heard of the expression “it’s raining cats and dogs.” While that is completely unlikely, it did actually rain octopus in China recently. If photos didn’t exist, you’d never believe it, but people snapped images of the crazy sea life storm and it’s not like anything you’ve seen before. It’s not quite a sign of the apocalypse, but it’s definitely something that doesn’t happen every day.

The sea creatures were actually sucked up from the sea by tornado-strength winds that formed a waterspout. Those sea animals were pulled into the waterspout and deposited hundreds of yards or even miles away after they were released by the wind.

The photos were taken in the city of Qingdao, on the coast of China’s Shandong Province on Wednesday.

This type of situation has happened before, most recently in 2017 in Mexico when fish rained from the sky. There was also a similar incident with fish in India in 2008.

China’s national weather agency, the Chinese Meteorological Administration, confirmed that a waterspout was to blame for the displaced sea creatures. Following the images landing online, the term “seafood rain” became a trending topic on social media.

The city’s meteorological service explained that the hurricane-force wind speeds during the storm set a new record for June. The winds were also accompanied by large hail and caused a path of destruction and damage in the area. Meteorologists note that it’s not uncommon for tornadoes to suck up and transport marine life from their habitats.

Among the many people who commented on the story were those who didn’t believe the photos, such as one person, who wrote: “Octopus image looks fake. Looks like it’s made in paint.” Another commenter agreed, sharing this: “Search for ‘octopus silhouette’ on Google images. The very first result is a Dreamstime vector. Compare this to the first picture shown in this article.”

Another conspiracy theorist offered this explanation: “That is an alternate theory to the fish falling from the sky report that they are destroyed planets falling from outer space.”

One commenter shared this information: “There’s a place in south America where it (raining fish) supposably happens every year after a priest prayed for a solution to a drought one year. When I researched this a few years ago there was a wikipedia page dedicated to keeping records of this phenomenon. Accounts from all over the world, for hundreds of years and all kinds of creatures raining, not just aquatic life.”

They continued: “Water spout is a good plausible explanation for how sea creatures are lifted into the sky. But it doesn’t explain how they’re suspended there, and then transported hundreds of miles. There was one case, I rememeber, in Australia where ocean fish rained in the desert. Literally hundreds of miles from the coast. There’s no rational explanation for this. There’s also no rational explanation for how land creatures rain. In my opinion I think it’s a reminder from Allah the Almighty that anything’s, everything, is possible…”

Others found the humor in the situation, with one commenter noting: “Now it just needs to rain garlic and butter.”