When These Cheerleaders Cornered One From The Other Team, We All Watched In Amazement : AWM

When These Cheerleaders Cornered One From The Other Team, We All Watched In Amazement

High school can be a tough time for some, especially when you are trying to fit in with a certain crowd. We typically think of cheerleaders as having it made and never having to worry about fitting in or feeling like the cool kids. But every now and then a situation arises when a cheerleader feels just as out of place as everyone else.

Tori Adams is the perfect example of a cheerleader who is dedicated to her squad, her teams, and her school, and this was obvious when she was the only cheerleader to show up at the CLAA Conference Tournament in Missouri. The Northwestern High School cheerleader felt that someone had to be there for the team, and even if the rest of the squad had come down with an illness and couldn’t make it, Tori was determined to be there. Her coach had given her the option to cheer or not cheer, and she chose to be there to support her team.  And as luck would have it, she was greatly rewarded for her dedication to the team.

“My coach gave me the option to cheer or not cheer, and I felt like I had to be there for the team,” said Tori.

While standing on the sidelines all alone, Tori was approached by the opposing team’s cheerleading squad and, at first, she was rightfully intimidated and on the verge of tears. The Hardin-Central cheerleading squad gathered around her and instead of taunting her, they welcomed her into their squad with open arms and began cheering for both teams. It didn’t take long for the Tori and the Hardin-Central squad to collaborate on cheers and they were able to cater their cheers to root for both teams.

In the video below you can see the Hardin-Central girls befriend Tori as they execute several cheers that are designed to praise both teams. The audience was filled with glee and cheered right along with them, even though at first they were a bit shocked when they saw the blue cheerleading uniform mixed in with the Hardin-Central uniforms. Members of the audience stood and cheered the girls on and began chanting right along with them.

One of the Hardin-Central cheerleader’s moms put the following caption on social media alongside a video of the two cheerleading squads teaming up…

“This Northwestern High School cheerleader was embarrassed and scared, just like any of us would be if we had to cheer in front of a big crowd all alone. My daughter and her squad took the nerve and went out to cheer with her.”

Commenters had a lot of good words for the moment of kindness and sportsmanship…

“Awesome job ladies. You are ambassadors to your sport. As a father, I would be very proud of my daughters for doing what you did. You should all be proud. And as adults, we should take a page from these girls’ book on how to treat others.”

“We often hear about good parenting.I would call this good childrening.”

“Cheer doesn’t get the props it deserves. You can often find more fit athletes in the cheer squad than on the team they are cheering for.