When They Found Out How This Poor Dog Lost His Leg, His Owners Were Arrested On The Spot : AWM

When They Found Out How This Poor Dog Lost His Leg, His Owners Were Arrested On The Spot

A South Carolina couple proved they are quite possibly the worst dog owners in the history of the United States. Although they had a Great Dane, one of the most majestic dog breeds, they treated the animal as if it was trash, starving him and allowing him to suffer in the worst way possible. Because they neglected the animal, the dog got his leg caught in a cable and needed to chew off his own leg in order to survive.

Thankfully the police received a call about the Great Dane on November 19. The Ware Shoals Police Department sent officers to the home of Jessica James and Skylar Craft. They resided on Edgewood Drive where they were caught mistreating their beautiful Great Dane, starving the animal nearly to death.

It only took the police officer an instant to realize that the person who placed the call had been right. The Great Dane, which was black in color, was visible from the street and had a severe injury to its leg.

In the incident report, the police officer wrote: “When I approached the fence I could see a very skinny black Great Dane with an injury to his back right leg. As I got closer I could see that over half of his leg was gone.”

The police officer questioned both Jessica and Skylar. And they provided the police with conflicting information. Clearly, one was caught in the middle of a lie. Or both were making up stories to appease the police.

The Great Dane, who is named Luke, was on the brink of death. The truth is that his leg got caught in his runner cable. Because he was trapped and yearned to break free, he had to chew his own leg off to get it untangled from the cable.

When interviewed, 32-year-old Jessica James told the police that the Great Dane, whom they named Lucifer, had been latched to a runner because he broke free from their property. Her 38-year-old partner Skylar Craft told the police a different story about the runner and completely contradicted his partner’s tale. Obviously, they are not a good team when it comes to crafting a lie to tell the police.

The couple did agree on one fact in their story. They could not afford the veterinary bill and allowed the Great Dane’s chewed-off leg to fester. Instead of seeking professional help, they worked together to try to treat the dog’s leg. It was a disaster.

When examining the area, police found the metal pole that the couple used to lock the dog, now named Luke, in their yard. But they found no evidence that the couple left a bowl of water or food out there for him.

Noah’s Ark Rescue released a statement after they took Luke into their care to help him heal. But the group might have to amputate his leg.

“Keeping it any longer in hopes we can come up with a prosthetic that might work is too risky. His infection appears to have invaded the bone, and that can cost him his life.”

Hopefully, they will save Luke from his negligent owners, who now face criminal charges.