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When They Saw What This Eagle Had In Its Talons, They Knew They Only Had A Few Seconds To Help

How far would you go for your child or spouse? Would you risk your life or give yours up to save theirs? Most parents would agree that they would do anything to help protect their child and the child/parent connection is probably the most deep-seated and loving of all human connections. Every now and then, someone comes into our life who will be an unbreakable bond with. Even animals have these bonds and this couldn’t be more evident than in an image that one genius photographer recently snapped.

While bird watching at Prince William Sound in Alaska, David Canales saw a sight that he would never forget. A vicious bald eagle swooped down in a crowd of seagulls and used his talons to take one unlucky seagull along for a ride. But, the seagull’s pals weren’t about to let the eagle get away with taking their friend away, and they immediately took action, soaring and the eagle and shrieking loudly. One of the seagulls tried to be the hero and pecked at the feathers on the eagle’s back, while the victim was seen pecking at the eagle’s beefy talons trying to escape his hold. You can see exactly how strong an eagle’s talons are in the photos.

Canales managed to get several photos that chronicled the entire situation, showing the fierce face of the eagle and the determination in the hero seagull’s eyes.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end good for the seagull and the eagle ended up escaping with the victim, taking him into a rocky outcrop and feasting on him as the other seagulls flew around continuing to shriek.

In the photos, you can see exactly how big and strong the eagle’s talons are, as he clings to the seagull, and it’s no surprise that he managed to get away with the poor guy. But you can also see the sheer determination in the seagulls that flew around him and pecked away at his feathers.

It’s clear in these photos, that humans aren’t the only ones who have unbreakable bonds. These seagulls have a bond and they were willing to risk their lives for their friend.

“It all occurred so fast, I didn’t know the scale of how dramatic the chase was until I looked through the photos hours later,” said 33-year-old Canales. “I was also surprised that the eagle was able to carry the seagull with ease as the seagull isn’t much smaller than the eagle. The eagle was outnumbered by hundreds of seagulls to one, yet it was able to land in the middle of all these birds and just snatch one and fly off with it.”

Commenters shared their thoughts on the relationships between animals…

“Animals are capable of altruism and are loyal to those they know and value. We underestimate them so often.”

“Amazing photos of a mobbing. Watched robins do the same thing to a red-tailed hawk in Ohio a few years ago.”

“Had it been a powerful Doncaster seagull raised on a diet of chips and discarded pizza the eagle wouldn’t have stood a chance.”

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