When This Boy’s Mom Tried To Leave Him Alone At The Park, He Desperately Tried To Stop Her : AWM

When This Boy’s Mom Tried To Leave Him Alone At The Park, He Desperately Tried To Stop Her

In Taiwan, a mother forced her boy to remain alone in a public park when he clearly was afraid to separate from her. While some people might think it is time for the boy to grow up, the truth is more shocking than separation anxiety. The woman kicked her little boy out of the car and refused to let him back in. And a witness films the terrifying moment as the boy clings to his mother’s boot and begs to stay with her. But she denies him that feeling of love and attempts to abandon him in the public park.

The clip below comes from Zhudong Township, Taiwan. The boy is desperate to stay with his mother. And the extreme bid to win her affection ends in him being dumped at the park as she chases him away.

Apparently, the boy did something that upset his mother. And you can hear the boy repeating over and over again.

“Mom, I won’t do it again. I really, really won’t.”

She doesn’t care to hear his excuses. She wants him out of her way.

But the mother refuses to hear him out and does not want to stoop down to his begging. Instead, she denies him access to the car and threatens to drive away and leave him abandoned in public so any predator could swoop in and pick him up.

The boy knows his mother, and he knows that she is not bluffing. He climbs onto the back of the car to stop her from driving. He taps at the vehicle alerting her to the fact that he is outside waiting for her.

But she steps out of the car and shoos the bad boy away with her umbrella. And as mom climbs back into the driver’s seat, he rushes at her hoping to get inside. But the mother chases him away and tosses the umbrella at him.

For three minutes, the conflict escalates. The boy holds onto the car, and his mother drives away. But she can’t go fast without causing serious risk to her boy. Whenever he releases the car, she drives hoping to escape him.

So what really happened here? Zhudong Township police claim it was a situation involving an entitled brat. Mom brought the boy and his two siblings to the park but had to cut playtime short because she needed to do the laundry.

But the boy threw a temper tantrum and refused to come home with her. Although it had started raining, he wanted to remain in Zhongzheng Park. So his mother, sick and tired of his antics, told him to stay and wait for her to return. When she did this, he changed his mind and wanted to return with her, but by this time, mom had had enough of his moods.

Mom went too far with her punishment. And as a result, Hsinchu’s Department of Social Welfare has vowed to look into the incident. They want to determine if this mom did anything wrong.

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