There’s something absolutely heartwarming about seeing a father and his daughter perform together on stage. Because the father has been working with his little girl to get to the point of a performance, I know that as a member of the audience, they’ve put their heart and soul into the effort and deserve every ounce of our attention. However, this daddy-daughter duo proved that they were above average when they performed their rendition of Papa What If.”

The singing sensations are none other than Rory and Indy Feek. Although Father’s Day is in the past at the time of this writing, we at AWM believe that fathers and mothers should be celebrated all year long – and grandparents as well. These people do so much to ensure children get to live a great life full of experiences and fun.

Rory Feek is the father of the pretty little Indiana Boone – Indy to her family and friends. He brought the little girl into the world with the unconditional support and help of his wife, Indiana. Rory has two older daughters from a previous relationship, but all the girls get along swimmingly.

When this past Father’s Day arrived, the beautiful Indy decided to surprise her dad with a present. She woke him up from his bed, where he was catching a few extra minutes of shuteye, and surprised him with a card for the national holiday. She gave her dad a card and a gift as well as a bright smile thanking him for being such a good dad to her and her sisters.

Then Indy asked her father to do something that he couldn’t refuse – sing with her. After he woke up and brushed his teeth for the day, Rory was ready to grab his guitar and sit down in front of the camera to sing one of their favorite songs for their followers on social media.

The song is entitled “Daddy What If” by Shel Silverstein. He is the poet and writer of books like Where the Sidewalk Ends and Lafcadio. He’s also the mastermind behind the bestselling children’s book The Giving Tree, which has remained popular throughout generations and continues to be sold to this day.

Rory taught Indy how to sing Daddy What If by printing out the lyrics and encouraging her to annotate the paper with sketches and drawings.

However, Indy wanted to change the lyrics from Daddy to Papa because that’s what she calls her dad. The pair practiced the song a lot, and soon Indy was performing it beautifully with her father accompanying her on guitar.

Unfortunately, Indy lost her mother in 2016. However, Rory sees her living inside her daughter and enjoys performing together because it reminds him of the time he spent with his late wife.

Take a moment to listen to this performance from an awesome daddy-daughter duo who put their art up on YouTube.